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  1. Cash0 Kinda sad receipt

    while browsing imgur i kinda came across this

    I find it utterly kind of outraging that said thing happened. I mean really, not tipping because of god.... And im pretty sure that 10% of your yearly income is bigger than 18% of this bill :/ Stupid pastor >,<. I dont know where to put this under, so i thought of shenigans to be best. If its in the wrong section please move it mods :o

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    Default Re: Kinda sad receipt

    this thing has been going around tumblr for a good while, she got fired later on for posting that picture.

  3. Default Re: Kinda sad receipt

    If it wasn't that she needed that job to get somewhere better I'd say good riddance because customers like those deserve every bit of embarrassment they ought to get for treating servers poorly and not giving tips.

    "You say God is nice and He's not an pimento, so why are you?" /shrug



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