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  1. Default Year of the Snake/Limited: Misfits of Mayhem?

    So this is the ad for MS: Year of the Snake. You've probably seen it already if you don't use ABP on this site, but it raises a question. Why rename?

    The patch's alternative name is "LIMITED: Misfits of Mayhem". Now, limited?

    I can understand "Misfits of Mayhem" because the five classes outlined were limited-time and don't really serve any particular purpose in the overall story of the game, but still.

    I'm pretty sure Unlimited kept character creation for these apparently-limited classes (Cannoneer, Demon Slayer [obviously, for Avenger], Mihile and Dual Blade). So, I suppose they used the "LIMITED" to add a little extra punch when "UNlimited" comes? Or.. I don't know anymore.

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    Default Re: Year of the Snake/Limited: Misfits of Mayhem?

    I thought they did that to promote their Wedding Video series they've started.



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