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  1. Default SouthPerry linking to facebook.

    Sorry I didnt know where to place this but every time I click on a thread. it loads the thread but then auto links me to facebook with an error message. Not sure if this was me or what but its happening. Started at about 7:10ish. It was working fine before. And It looks like I can create threads just fine without this problem.

    So if anyone knows whats happening maybe PM me about it. That seems to be working just fine.

  2. Default Re: SouthPerry linking to facebook.

    I just got the same thing. I had to log out of Facebook to make it stop.

  3. Rapid Fire Male
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    Default Re: SouthPerry linking to facebook.

    Me too, I'm pressing X after the thread is loaded so I don't get redirected.

  4. Neon Atom Straight Male
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    Default Re: SouthPerry linking to facebook.

    Its affecting any site with Facebook integration at the moment.

  5. Default Re: SouthPerry linking to facebook.

    Thanks. It looks like it got fixed without me doing anything. But glad to know I wasn't crazy.



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