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  1. Default Why is the Aran class so unpopular?

    It was the first "legend" class to be released and when I had my 70+ Aran everyone wanted at least one in their Dojo or boss hunt group. So then why doesn't anyone want to MAKE one themselves? I started a new account and without hesitation chose Aran. Now I'm having second thoughts and wondering if I made the wrong choice in terms of long term usefulness...

  2. Default Re: Why is the Aran class so unpopular?

    Because it involves tedious combos that sometimes don't activate when they should/couldn't be bothered with it.

    That, and because at the time I was considering them, they were slow and weak. That was a long while ago.

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    Default Re: Why is the Aran class so unpopular?

    They're fine right now for low/mid-funded players.
    What keeps them away from greatly funded players is the ease of reaching damage cap. This will change during the cap raise, so Aran will be much more competitive.

    Also, Arans don't have the absolute best mobility. Some people love step, some people hate it. It's mostly opinion, but with most bosses needing very quick movement, Aran isn't the best class to use.

    Players using keyboards will probably dislike them because of the button mashing.. I have a game controller and I ONLY have used it for my Aran.. And it makes it much more fun of a class!

    This is just from my loose observations of the class. If you like your Aran, continue to play it! That's what the game is for~

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    Default Re: Why is the Aran class so unpopular?

    There are a lot more classes that are more OP and easier to use.

  5. Default Re: Why is the Aran class so unpopular?

    I don't really know what "OP" means. Sorry. :( I'm still getting used to the speak. I know Aran can be hard to use but I've always liked the warrior class so I thought Aran would be my best bet.

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    Default Re: Why is the Aran class so unpopular?

    It stands for overpowered. It's hard to compare classes, but since Aran has been out for a while and the newer classes tend to be very strong (before they are nerfed) and very flashy, players tend to gravitate towards the new classes rather than the older ones.

  7. Default Re: Why is the Aran class so unpopular?

    The only other class I can think that I'd like would be a Bandit (my avatar is actually my old one) or a ThunderBreaker. I just know that at higher levels it was really easy for people to steal my kills as an Aran. That's something I always hated.

  8. Default Re: Why is the Aran class so unpopular?

    Arans probably have some of the worst flexibility of any class. Their attacks require a significantly longer amount of time to execute (i.e. Swing, Double Swing, Triple Swing, ...) so they're rather poor when it comes to OHKOing monsters.

    They used to be popular because pre-Big Bang, they had retarded amounts of damage from Critical stacking.

  9. Default Re: Why is the Aran class so unpopular?

    Oh god I haven't played since pre-bang. >_< I really just want a fun job class that I can get kills on without being KSed so much. I was looking at Angelic Buster and I can see me getting my butt kicked by snails... Kaiser is a warrior class that uses combos. I love the combo system of Aran that's the main pull of why I picked it. Combos! FTW!

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    Default Re: Why is the Aran class so unpopular?

    As a lvl 200 Aran: I love the class, the storyline (specially the hate against neinheart (that douche)), their skills and specially the mounts (the reason why I made an aran). The problem is that almost all their skills are very flawed and are in general useless. For example: The combo system is quite frustrating because you can't really use your finishers without sacrificing the buffs, you got 0 status resistance, Aran has really low hp and the lack of status resistance just make it even worse at bosses like empress. Some buff times like for example Maha's blessing are too short. Aran has 6 types of damage and suffers a lot from it (100% normal hit, Over swing (+3), Final Blow(+1) and beyonder(+1)) making the ability to hit cap after unlimited very frustrating. They have low hits per sec, they are almost in the bottom of all the warrior except for Drks. In general Arans are quite abandoned.

    The sad part is that I play my Kaiser with the keys combinations because I still have that "Spark" from my aran. The problem is that I'd rather play a class that is less frustrating than aran because Aran is horrible designed thanks to the revamps and how old his gamplay mechanics are.

    I'd totally play my aran if nexon fix those issues like for example making combos stay if they exceed the amount required to cast a skill. The lack of useful hyper skills, only final blow upgrades are worth it. Combo unlimited is useless. Beyonder is troublesome to cast. a lot of status resistance or a increased amount of HP because we are not archers we are supposed to be attacking like a frenzy man. And others things that you'll probably notice in a future.

  11. Default Re: Why is the Aran class so unpopular?

    I get you. I love using combos there is something about not simply pressing a Quick Key that makes you feel like your playing a game and not just pressing a button here and there. That and with all the new skills and having to always reassign the slots it's nice for them to be free for only items and buffs. Kasier looks so cool too.

  12. Default Re: Why is the Aran class so unpopular?

    My Dark Knight can move around a lot faster than my Aran, that is one reason why I don't like playing on Aran.

  13. Default Re: Why is the Aran class so unpopular?

    I just made a Kaiser and... I have never been more in love with a class in my life. It's like Aran with hitting multiple enemies and uses combos but damn is it fast. I also like that Nexon has given more "attractive" options when making a newbie char.

  14. Default Re: Why is the Aran class so unpopular?

    For sure. Keep the best options CS coupon only, but given at least some of the more modest options out for free.

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    Default Re: Why is the Aran class so unpopular?

    The only reason I stopped playing my Arans was because my keyboard was going to be destroyed if I continued. And my fingers would hurt after extended game-play. I'm not so finger-strong...

    But the play-style was lots of fun! Sounds like it would be awesome with a controller =O

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    Default Re: Why is the Aran class so unpopular?

    They are so unpopular because
    peaches don't know about 3mil cap from Beyonder (which will be utterly destroyed after the dmg cap raise but whatever).
    and more importantly
    Most people don't even know they can change the attack buttom from Ctrl to any other key.
    Have been using the same keyboard for 3 years, no buttom has died.

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    Default Re: Why is the Aran class so unpopular?

    Arans are a lone wolf class. xD

    Yes, the combos can be frustrating, however this is probably because most people don't really understand how the combos are supposed to be used. I will explain as we move further, but first I need to stress that the 'ctrl' key is one of the worst keys to be used as an attack key for this class, I reccomend putting your attack key on 'f' and this works very well if you have your jump key on 'space bar', putting your attack key on 'f' will give you easy access to other frequently used skills on 'a,s,and d'. Now I'd like to add that with your attack key on 'f' and your jump key on 'space bar', having combat step on 'd' works very pleasantly. I am not saying that to play this class properly you must make your key configuration like mine, but I am suggesting that you must seriously change the default keys because they do not work well with Aran. I would also like to point out that I get very annoyed when I read that someone has a problem with this class being a 'button mashing' class vs a 'button holding' class. The reason people complain about their poor little fingers being hurt can be explained by two things; they are using the combos incorrectly, or they have some seriously unhealthy bones in their fingers, it is more likely that they are using the combos incorrectly. I must also admit that, even though Aran has been my favorite class since it came out, it is extremely boring and weak until third job (for most people), and still extremely boring until fourth job (for most people). Fourth job is when the fun kicks in, you begin to use a larger variety of skills and you are no longer only pressing one button to attack. I have encountered many players who claim that Aran's combos do not properly execute when they are supposed to, this is actually because they are not pressing the right buttons at the right time with the correct number of presses. This may seem hard to understand at first, but it is extremely simple. Many players use the combo attacks like this: [Mash attack key very quickly, down arrow key, press attack key], in case you don't know, in fourth job pressing the down arrow key and attack key after triple swing causes final blow (the crazy polar bear slash). The problem is that many players mash the attack key very quickly... and by doing this I know what they mean when they say their combos are not working well. To make combos work well, you must not mash the attack key, but you must press the attack key the correct number of times (attack x 3 + down arrow + attack). Not only must you press them the correct number of times, but you must synchronize the key presses with the attack animations; you must press attack and wait for the animation of the first swing to come to an end before pressing the attack key again, and then you must wait for the double swing animation to end before pressing attack again, and then you must wait for the triple swing animation to end before activating final blow and starting the cycle of attack again. This takes a little bit of time to get used to, but once you master it, your combos will work every time right when you want them to. Using this, you can even stop attacking instantly in the midst of a combo in case something like damage reflect appears.

    Hyper skills are something that, at least for me, have made this class twice as fun. There are two main hyper skills that make a difference, one lets you spam any combo for 30 seconds every 90 seconds (combo tempest will get rid of zak arms quickly if you are somewhat funded) and the other adds three new combo attacks which follow final blow. The three new combo attacks are put on a separate key, and I have mine on 'a' so my typical combo looks like ('f' 'f' 'f' '↓' 'f' 'a' 'a' 'a'). These 3 new attacks have a damage cap of 2.5m but that will not matter much soon (unfortunately, I hate the idea of another damage cap increase to further stimulate the rich 'dmg ho3s'... old players know what I mean when I say "damage used to not matter in the old days"). What I like most about arans is the variety of skills I can use with a few keys rather than setting up all of these skills with my key configuration and memorizing all of the different buttons which require awkward finger movements for me to press. I hope my post helped in some way. Go arans! ;p

  18. Default Re: Why is the Aran class so unpopular?

    I think you just basically answered your own question. Kaiser has most of the same appeal of an Aran with more bells and whistles, better numbers, and some flexibility in attacking methods. About the only thing Aran has going for it over Kaiser is a more dependable stance and a level 200 mount.

  19. Default Re: Why is the Aran class so unpopular?

    As a fellow Aran lover, I have to admit that Kaiser's combo system was more well designed in comparison to Aran's.

  20. Default Re: Why is the Aran class so unpopular?

    As someone who has played Arans since the beginning, I find the attacks way too slow. Try executing your full combo attacks (Triple Swing + Final Blow + Beyonder) against Vellum. You cannot get all 3 hits on Beyonder unless you stand exactly beside where you expect Vellum to pop up and attack before-hand. The shocking thing is, I think my level 140 Kaiser while transformed, with a clean 2H Sword from the event at that, matches the same single-target DPS as my level 200 Aran with an almost perfected PSB against moving bosses such as Vellum and Magnus. My Aran needs about 9 seconds or so standing still to fully use on cycle of Triple Swing + Final Blow + Beyonder.

    It moves slower than a Warrior explorer against flat platforms with no edges to launch off. My Paladin with 0 Speed moves faster than my Aran with 100 Combo with 160% Speed.

    Sometimes when Arans get seduced the exact moment you try to execute your swings, you can't use Hero's Will 3 seconds after you're seduced, due to the client trying to execute a move. This also applies to accidentally climbing a ladder/rope while using combos. Once you get clinged on it, you can't jump off the rope/ladder for 3 seconds unless you climb back down/up to the platform and it unleashes the combo move after that. If you can't understand what I'm saying, try using Final Toss while standing on a platform with a ladder/rope below you, and see what happens.



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