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Thread: 50% Hammers.

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    When you use one and it fails and you keep using 50%'s until you get two extra slots? Or use the CS hammers to get two extra slots?

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    A failed 50% adds a slot then immediately fails it. The only way to recover it is with a clean slate.

    But you're going to sell me all your clean slate 20s from happytime, soo ;)

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    If you use a 50% and it fails you can't do anything except clean slate that slot back.

  4. Default Re: 50% Hammers.

    Cool beans.


    After I am done scrolling at least a 10 or above attack ring whatever tempest coins I have left I'll invest in clean slates and I'll let you know.

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    What about Innocence Scolls?


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    Reverts items to clean, 100% average, and unhammered.

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    IIRC they remove hammers entirely so you have to rehammer.




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