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    Hey, now that red leaf high is back im planning to get to level 200, but my friend said it cost him 25~30k nx form 19x-200 and im level 16x. what kind of estimate am i looking at to get to 18x to high 19x? (maybe 199?) (x represents a digit from 1-9)

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    As Stereo said on that thread, don't forget to take the quests into consideration.

    IIRC, the EXP distribution of the rooms are like.. 30%, 40%... until 110% of the quests' EXP reward.

    When I made the calculations for those results, I wasn't considering the quests because I was planning on staying in RLH with some keys after the event was over. Luckily, the 2x Quest EXP coupon went on sale and I was able to level a few other adventurers as well

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    My 173 Aran gets around 4.4mil EXP per RLH quest. It's pretty ridic.

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    the quest goes for almost 1/3 of the exp you get as a non cash user or something like that.

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    The quests give the same amount of EXP as the last room does. Or alternatively, the same amount of EXP you get just from accepting the free, daily key.

    They make a huge difference.

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    How does it work when it comes to completing them? As in, can you redo every quest each day or what.

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    They are all repeatable, but you only get 4-5 each day. I'm not sure whether it's random or they're just on different frequencies.

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    The individual quests are worth the same as clearing stage 10. (call that 1).
    You get 6.6 times that from running through the first 11 rooms successfully.
    So if you get 3 quests completed, that's nearly half again as much. If you get 2, it's 1/3 of a run.



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