Free to play MOBA (or ARTS or whatever you want to call it) / RTS hybrid, designed by Ironclad Gaming, published by Infinite Game Publishing. You might recognize the name Ironclad from the RTS game Sins of a Solar Empire.
The game starts out feeling like a typical MOBA/ARTS game like Dota/LoL/HoN. 3 lanes, 3 towers in each lane then a structure that, if destroyed, lets bigger creeps spawn in that lane, then a central structure inside a base protected by two interior towers. Items are generally similar with a couple cool new item concepts.

But if you were to play a game in the closed beta right now, by far the biggest difference is quests. Once a handfull of conditions are met, both teams will receive a notice stating that the quest has started. Currently there are only a few quests. One tells either team to destroy the enemy's tower in a certain lane and the reward makes all the towers in a lane harder to kill for a while (currently it makes them invulnerable for a while but that's not supposed to be left in). Another in the game tells you to go kill the Dragon and gives you a pair of archers which are very good at killing the Dragon (which is good because a full team will barely be able to kill it without them if they can at all).
But what's really exciting is the quests that aren't in the game right now. Pretty soon the game will get a quest that temporarily freezes all the AI-controlled units (minions, jungle mobs, towers) and makes them invulnerable. This only wears off when all members of one team have been killed. Another quest that probably won't come for a while longer makes both teams actually team up and fend off a barbarian invasion of the whole map.

Another thing that the game is getting quite soon is a day/night system. But it's not your typical day/night system. While the night does reduce vision range for most heroes, it also causes some jungle monsters to auto-aggro at a large range, makes a new sort of minion that has large night vision start spawning, adds some special effects to certain items, and most importantly, it makes the Moonbloom... bloom. The grass/brush in SoaDA is called Moonbloom and it does exactly what it says on the tin. When night comes, the bushes expand, blocking off some paths.

You can find a lot more info here. I've got 10 keys that I can give out this month, if anyone wants one just tell me and I'll PM you.
If anyone else is playing (which I kinda doubt), then friend me. My ign is Cuddles.
Oh, and, this is a closed beta and is very much a work in progress. If you're expecting a finished product or something anywhere near that point, you're going to be disappointed. There's still quite a bit to be added in, a lot of which we don't know about at all. I've got high hopes for the game.

Couple of vids that showcase it: