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Thread: [GMS] GMS v128 - Guide System

  1. Default GMS v128 - Guide System

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    What the hell is a curbrock?

  3. Default Re: GMS v128 - Guide System

    SenGoku set bonuses for anyone curious


  4. Default Re: GMS v128 - Guide System

    Well, remember that one GM that said Kanna was a secret? Guess it's no longer one!

  5. Default Re: GMS v128 - Guide System

    I just hope they don't use this as an excuse to delay Hyper Skills.

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    Wait, so those Japanese equipments are directly related to Sengoku/Hayato/Kanna?

  7. Default Re: GMS v128 - Guide System

    They are. More specifically, you get those from doing quests in the Sengoku area so seeing these weapons in the extractions was already a big hint that this was coming out but it was the set appearing in the extractions that sealed the deal.

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    Sweet mother of --, hoards of eqs with Japanese names! Wait, where's my katana and fan?

    Is the guide system global-exclusive?

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    Care you elaborate? Looking through the set effects, nothing seems immediately obvious that Sengoku would get released (or maybe I'm blind).
    The event notes say they'll be appearing in those new cash shop mirrors, so would it be pessimistic to assume that they're just here to milk money?

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    What I've told you is what I know but I did read somewhere on the site that they found the Hayato and Kanna creation buttons. I forgot which thread was that posted in but it's got to be one of the recent ones.

    EDIT: There we go!

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    I-is that Crimsonwood Keep in the background of the Cubrock thing? Masteria hype engage!

  12. Can you hear it?
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    Default Re: GMS v128 - Guide System

    Unique potential scroll how do I get it

  13. Cash1 just came

    look what i found on UI.wz
    Login.img > RaceSelect_new > Back0
    they are all character to create on game
    Look there's i find a Hayato and Kana @_@


  14. Default Re: just came

    I can't wait ;_;

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    Yes, they're directly related to the Sengoku Era updates.

    Close, but no dice. You obtain the recipes the craft these recipes by having the Honnouji Savior or whatever the localization of the medal will be. The Honnouji Savior medal requires you to level up your reputation rank thingy-madoogy. You do this by doing Sengoku Oogassen runs a bajillion times each for each of the three families, who have representatives who give you quests daily.

    Blahblahblah. Once you get the Honnouji medal, you can purchase the Encoded Recipe thingy (basically a mystery recipe item that pomegranates a random recipe at you), and hope for a chance to get the one you want. If you do, you need level 10 blacksmithing, items from each of the three families (which is why you need the Honnouji medal, not just one from one of the houses), and a bunch of other items, which you can purchase with Purified Soul Stones, which you get from defeating monsters in Sengoku Oogassen and doing the daily quests from the three families, then purifying them by talking to one of the families' representatives (purifying each stone grants reputation as well).

    Sorry if none of this makes sense. I just woke up, my head hurts beyond hell and my coffee hasn't quite kicked in yet, so my mind isn't quite working. lol

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    Default Re: just came

    Coming piece by piece.

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    In other words: better hope the mirrors flash these out at a decent rate, because the other way sounds harder than Empress capes... even after we get the relevant content.

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    It makes enough sense to me that I can see it's not going to be easy if that helps. So, the summary:

    1) You have daily quests from each of the three families which I assume is related to reputation. This nets you the Honnouji Savior medal.

    2) Once you have that you can purchase what amounts to a mystery recipe but I assume this only gives you recipes of the level 150 stuff. If you luck out, you need to have level 10 Blacksmithing, items from all three families and other items which you can get from daily quests and Sengoku Oogassen.

    Where do you buy the recipe from though?

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    dam finally a level 150 gloves and 150 shoulder lol also hat/ overalll / belt / shoes / cape / weapon



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