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Thread: GMS Striker?

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    I remember reading somewhere that GMS is trying to get to a 1-month delay behind KMS. However, we received the Tempest updates in much more rapid succession and even Root Abyss before KMS. Yet we don't have Xenon. This all has confused me to the standing of GMS updates vs. KMS updates.

    Basically, can anyone inform me of how far GMS is behind, and more importantly, when do you think (approximately) we will be receiving the huge Thunder Breaker/Striker update? I have started to stock up equips for my TB, but I just realized what if GMS doesn't get the revamp until like July...

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    As of late they've been 3-6 months behind. It's up in the air because they are trying to rush content, but I don't recall an announcement or any claim of a date that is their goal.

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    We are still at least 4 months behind if Adventurer Hyper come out on the 19th of Februrary. I don't expect their Valentines Patch to be only one week (the week of the 12th), so 5 months behind expecting Adventurer Hypers sometime in late-late February/March.

    We only got Root Abyss because Root Abyss/G(C)MS AB came bundled together and it was probably easier just to translate that pack instead of breaking it up.

    Expecting July wouldn't be too far of a stretch given that we'd still need to wedge the Anniversary in.

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    Thanks for the replies guys. I'm not as knowledgeable about the whole KMS GMS gap stuff, you really helped me out!

    I was literally about to buy a godly knuckle in anticipation of TB haha, looks like I jumped the gun a bit

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    Next game update after today should be the hyper skills(?) and Evolving System.



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