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  1. Default What kind of Content...

    ... Would you be willing to pay for if Nexon put it in the cash shop?

    Most of us know well and dislike the mounds of upgrade cubes and protection scrolls and pay2win crap that Nexon currently has in the cash shop.

    However, I was wondering exactly what Nexon could actually put a price on in-game without drawing ire.

    So here's the topic: what, in your opinion, could Nexon place in the cash shop for a price without pissing you (as a player) off? What kinds of things would you be happy to pay for? What kinds of prices would you be willing to pay for them, and what would be considered exorbitant? (try to be specific and state the currency, $4 to you might be $118.23 to someone elsewhere in the world)

    Whether Nexon actually does implement them or not is irrelevant, here's to creative discussion. (if they do put in though it's a plus)

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    Default Re: What kind of Content...

    Smega blockers.

    While it's obvious that Nexon will never sell long-term effective blockers (90 days or perma) of all the kinds of spam that the game fills our chat windows with, or if they do they will quickly release new smegas that can tunnel through the blocker, I think it's not too much to ask, to be able to buy an hour or two of peace.

    If you're going bossing and don't want those image smegas lagging you, or gach smegas cluttering your chat, you should be able to buy an hour of smega block for $1.

  3. Default Re: What kind of Content...

    Permanent NX that doesn't come form a box...

  4. Default Re: What kind of Content...

    To be honest, it's the prices of items that pisses me off most of the time along with removal of in-game equivalents to 'force' the players to get good equips the hard way and the fact that cubing results are so damned random that they could be $0.50 and still eat up a lot of your money.

    I guess my answer to this would be permanent pets at around $7.50- $10 since it's life-long and permanent NX clothing.

  5. Default Re: What kind of Content...

    i dont think prices are a problem in gMS.

  6. Default Re: What kind of Content...

    I'm also okay with content like Red Leaf High that is free but limited, or pay for additional entrances.

    Don't have to deal with hackers or ksers there

  7. Default Re: What kind of Content...

    Well, I did put up some more relevant ideas on what I would want. Standard cubes would be great too at maybe $0.75- $1.00 for one and I think they should just go back to having Miracle Cubes and Super Miracle Cubes.

    Also, the prices may be a problem to them. It just doesn't look that way to us because their prices are cheap by our CS prices, which is a completely different thing.

  8. Default Re: What kind of Content...

    Psh $5 cubes at one point? Prices are ridiculous in comparison to the success/benefit. I don't even want to discuss the goldmine MSEA thinks you teens are sitting on

  9. Default Re: What kind of Content...

    You forgot adults. I don't know how they do it but there's plenty of adults who spend a lot on Maple while still managing their finances properly (At least I'd hope so).

  10. Default Re: What kind of Content...

    Well I was just speaking general, no snarkyness intended (for once)

  11. Default Re: What kind of Content...

    Ah. Funny thing is, I can't really think of much items to add on, just that they really ought to make it so that the cash shop isn't the be-all and end-all to everything and it's just a way to speed up your upgrades. Another item I thought of though: How about that actually premium Water of Life that turns non-permanent pets permanent?

  12. Default Re: What kind of Content...

    Cs pet item, 30k nx, allows cubes to drop at a 70% rate at regular monsters, super cubes at bosses. Pay 10k nx more for 10% higher rate. LOL

  13. Default Re: What kind of Content...

    do you really think i spend money on asiasoft ????

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    Default Re: What kind of Content...

    Some sort of way to transfer NX. Not the really best way to spend NX but -shrugs-

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    No I wasn't saying that at all, you play MSea, which in comparison to GMS, is litterally under the notion that their playerbase is sitting on an oil reserve.

  16. Default Re: What kind of Content...

    an oil reserve that they will never tap into unless something change :|

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    Default Re: What kind of Content...

    Now that I'm back at school I've re-entered my "no-nx" phase, but I would really like more permanent pet options. I think a lot of players would buy them as well.

    I think a cool cs item would be a scissor that works 2 times, so you could transfer a gear and get it back if you had to. So instead of 8k for two platinum scissors, maybe it could be 6-7k for the bundle. Not a huge saving, but it would help.

    Just thought of another. 100% clean slates for 6k. I would buy the pomegranate out of those.

  18. Default Re: What kind of Content...

    Sharp sissors of karma. Allow unlimited transfers via storage 10$ but honestly id pay more ):

    equipment dye. (Same as pet die but for nx and non nx gear) 5$?

    all skill buff macro - place all buffs into a single macro which can be recasted at rapid speeds - 5$/90 day or 20$ perm.

  19. Default Re: What kind of Content...

    1) Smega Blockers
    2) A way to trade NX from one character faction to another, probably for a fee.(because my permanent demon brothers are stuck on my dual blade for eternity)
    3) A "come here" button for GMs. Make it like 500 nx or 1k, IDC, just give me a frigging way of calling a GM's attention to a map that contains a hacker that is hacking.
    4) Permanent NX option. Pay extra NX to make your clothing permanent.

    i cant think of anymore atm

  20. Default Re: What kind of Content...

    Some sort of sharing tag type item to make permanently untradeable items account tradeable, and a platinum version to make them fully tradeable once (a la PSoK). I would pay good money for this.



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