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  1. Default +1 Attack speed on a kaiser

    Posted this to the Inner Abilities thread too but didn't seem to get an answer.

    How useful is this on a kaiser? Also, if it's not that useful what other IA's should I be looking to get?

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    Default Re: +1 Attack speed on a kaiser

    You already reach max attack speed with the skill, don't you?
    With that, it wouldn't add anymore.

  3. Default Re: +1 Attack speed on a kaiser

    You should be able to cap with Booster (-2) and either Transfig (-2) or a full Transformation Gauge (-2) (-1). The speed boost from either Transfig or Booster isn't being applied while you're in the transfigured state, though, so you won't be able to hit the speed cap transformed right now.

    Anyway, all things working correctly, you shouldn't need increased attacking speed from IA for a Kaiser, at least not when you're transformed.
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  4. Default Re: +1 Attack speed on a kaiser

    You don't need it with final form, if that's what you mean. But final form is bugged right now so that its attacks are too slow. I'm pretty sure it's actually detrimental to DPS as it is right now.



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