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    Hi everyone, just a quick question.

    Can non-adventurer classes, share CS when there are two of a type?

    As in, can two DBs share a CS inventory, and can two Mercedes share etc?

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    Well, there goes my grand scheme to move over my pink yetis from my old db to my new db.

    - sigh - really, keep those pets perma or at least allow us to move it around =/

    or re- introduce IGN changes. PLEASE.

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    Afaik the only way to do this (not sure if this still works but). You would have to delete both chars, keep the items you want to keep in cs and remake a dual blader, that way they would be transfered to the new dual bladers cash shop. At least that worked when aran released in ems, same for resistance (if you made the same job over again).

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    Thing is I have like, 3 perma Pink Yetis on my DB, I'm not so sure I can afford to risk that, lol

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    If you want to avoid that, just fix up your old DB then and you should be good, there's tons of events with SP and AP resets, what else you need? Unless you playing the HP wash game, but I really don't see the point of that these days... Personally I can get 18-19k hp on my own DB, I only remembered washing like 5-15 ap. The rest was extra hp ap from the dex and other big event for extra 25 ap or something.

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    Inventory spaces is what I'm after. Not to keen on spending a tonne of NX to increase my inventory spaces. FYI my DB was from the DB lv50 Char Coupon so it's got limited inv =/

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    Mines is too but, this is on first day release of the class, the first problem was missing hp which was fixed. Inventory space has been so long that I don't even remember if I had regular or less slots anymore. In any case, you're not a NL, who needs inventory space that badly? If you're patient, wait for inventory slot sales (which I've seen more than 6 times already in that character's life time). One of the older events gave out free random inventory space too, coincidentally I gained etc slots. Mules handle just about everything else, if you're talking about needing inventory space, I'd wish all my characters have as many slots as cannoneers, but that's just not happening. Realistically speaking, that's how much space I'd want my characters to have, 4-8 slots doesn't make up for that difference.

    Last and most important reasoning is, I'm not going to lvl up another character all over again, learn his books, do all his boss quests, and try and regain all the things I've already stuck on that character. Like you said before, you have 3 perma pink yetis on it. I hope you realize that's at least about 3 times the cost of your supposedly "missing inventory spaces."

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    You could also look out for Hot Times as those occasionally give out random slot expansions and the details are always announced beforehand. Otherwise you'll just have to be wise about managing your slots by bringing the most efficient potions for your level and stuff everything tradeable with your mules.

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    No, not really. I'm honestly not that bothered about levelling it up again, and expansion slots/new IGN makes the 45k NX loss worthwhile, if it is ever available again. Ofcourse, this is just my personal opinion.

    And as for the extended inventories, its just how i play. I'm going to assume you don't go bossing or anything like that, because to be completely honest, 24 slots given in the very beginning nowhere near is sufficient.

    I'll just take a leaf out of my phantom inventory, which is, well pretty much maxed out.

    EQUIP: at least 16~ slots need to be free always, for empress drops. Then i have equips to scroll that I am working on, few equips that I have to sell, some untradeable novelties. nowhere near enough

    USE: 300 cures as backup, ~400 powers, easter egg buffs, glasses, fragment pieces, showa potions, witch pots, energizers, not to mention various event scrolls, stock of 70%/epic potes, stacks of EEs.. then ofcourse drops of mmbs, recipes. That's already... a full inventory easily.

    ETC: well.. mineral bags x4, coin purse, and the bare minimal boss entrance pre-requisites: Dragon Squad certificate, Ludibrium Medal, Cyg Night emblem, Magnus emblem, time traveller watch... and other things likes EoF, combs, .. ToT masks.. you get my drift.

    I do realize that that this is my personal preference, and that it is my own need, but you don't have to assume that the default 24 slots given to the DBs created with creation ticket is enough for everyone.

    And I know that hot times/events give out coupons, I was just wondering if CS items could be xferred via the CS, just because I would've taken that option if it was available, because I value the extra inventory spaces/ new IGN over the levels/quests i've done on my old DB. But it's no biggie, I'll just wait till expansion sales before I start playing DB for reals

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    You're saying you can afford to spend 45knx on making that new DB but can't for new slots? Sorry I'm confused
    Not sure if you're counting the books you'd have to buy from cash shop too

    And about the first question, each character has an individual cash inventory. It's not one that that class can share, sadly

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    i have 32 slots in use and equip, and 44 slots in etc for my own DB. I've "possibly" expanded just the etc slots at least once since the extra etc slots are given out from previous event only covers 8 slots. Its about 28k nx to expand all inventory slot not counting sales, which is still less than the price of your pets. New IGN, at one point there was available name change but, I wouldn't know the story behind that, only behind the server changing.

    All cures, you only need 100 of them for almost every boss out there for a DB/Phantom, with exception of chaos PB, because I can easily go to every boss run possible out there and still not be able to use them all up in 2 or more days (especially phantoms who uses the least of both). Same can be said for 300 Power elixirs, which covers more than enough for 1 dailies' run and I can always restock again at Abyss. The only time I've used tons is CPB and chaos abyss bosses and possibly magnus when I used to solo (he always gave me back more than I used though). Time Traveler watch can be tossed (actually I just sold it to the shop), Magnus emblem isn't even required to enter at the moment which is oddly stupid, but I have everything else you have, exception that I don't bother gathering up ToT masks and the sort on one character anymore. If you play multiple characters, having all these items all over the place on several characters is a pain in the ass. For the record, I have 32 bank slots, which I use way more than I would ever in stocking items on 1 character. My phantom has 36 slots in all categories, and I know I never expanded his even once, which means 4 slots doesn't matter enough to me to make a difference. Like said before, a cannoneer has 48 slots, that's something I can really use that would make a difference, not 4 slots. In the end, the greatest challenge is trying to maintain your shop while having sufficient space.

    Edit: After looking through another lvl 50 DB account (which I lvled to 120 just for card effect), he has 28 inventory slots, which is more than your "default 24 slots," so I would guess that I've bought an all inventory slot expansion sale I would guess. I don't know if it was only 4 slots or 8 since its been so long already, but I know there was a one time sale for those years ago. Warriors also tend to carry more than some standard characters so not everyone has the same inventory space. Mages being the smallest of them all. If its tradable and I'd use it in more than one area, I stuff in storage which matters a lot to me since like you said, untradables

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    I don't see why you have to jump on my back for wanting more slots to suit my playing needs.

    @Kawa, I plainly stated that 45k NX which is the price of three pets would not become a concern of mine if they were actually AVAILABLE, as I prefer new IGN/extra inventory slots over the current CS equips I have on my old DB and whatever I've achieved on it until now; levelling, quests, etc.

    However, since the pets are NOT available, this is the lone fact that's holding me back from creating a new db. I can afford new slots, I just would prefer doing it on a new char if it was possible to get pets on it as well.

    My original question was just asked so that ofcourse like everyone else, if it WAS possible to move my pets over, I would've done that, but if it isn't and new pets are available, I would still be seriously contemplating making a new DB>

    I prefer having over the amount that is required, than under. I'd much prefer spending money on it rather than find myself out of pots/cures at bosses. Amusing, you only pointed out the powers/cures, and completely neglected the others.


    Let me make this clear. I do realize that the benefits of increased inventory from a new character is minimal. However, for me, personally, those increased inventories WITH the possibility of the new IGN makes it convincing enough for me to create a new character and forego what I have on previous DB(pets), IF the pets are available again.

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    I only pointed out stuff that can be changed not stuff that you can't do anything about. My phantom's all cures 100 stock can last me an entire month. Why? Because I have 85-100% stat resist all the time. Yes, I even carry stat resist pots too but I'd only ever use it for Empress full runs because nowhere else deems it necessary. Hp pots, again, I barely use enough to actually need to carry that much, but I do coincidentally carry at least 1k of them because they flood my inventory too much, I get way more back than I can ever use. Recipes are clearly tradable and one time or 1 day uses aren't something important enough for me to waste slots on, I've done several solo full Empress runs on my phantom in the past, I know much space I use too. Gizers I hardly use anymore because DBs can't use it and Phantoms don't get enough of a boost from it for me to care about. Frags, I exchange if I go 100, if I'm going to continue talking about the other items its just going to drag on.

    Anyways, like you've said, you've got your question answered. Anything extra would just fall into the "Should I.." thread.

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    And how do you even manage that? Last i checked, even hitting max with mille won't enable you to solo empress, not counting in the fact that it requires close to 350k range with 150%+ boss to hit max milles.

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    If carte noire did cap dmg you KB'd her. If Mille did cap damage you stopped the KB effect thus, failing to KB her. The carte noire effect, was literally locking her down and disabling her from doing anything at all, summoning included. This was already changed and v2 + Empress can no longer be KB'd. I spammed mille on her all day until she died, this is off topic though. I only needed like 200k damage range just to pull that off easily with carte noire back then, 300k+ and up would only make my Mille cap since I was running around with 100% critical rate to ensure that my carte noire would be more consistent and always flying out.

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    So you expect me to believe you killed empress's 72HP solo plus the 5 V1s and 5 V2s within 1hour, and you weren't even hitting max milles?

    Heck, I had 270k range and I was still only hitting 800ks or so, and that was with 95% PDR and 160% boss, prior to the phantom nerf.

    Simple calculations,

    in 1min, with 180ms milles delay, it hits 5.55 hits per second, and that makes it 333.33 hits per minute.

    Two hits per mille, makes that 666.66 hits per minute.

    With 100% crit as you claim, adds another 333.33 carte noirs per minute

    What does that make,

    333m damage from noirs per minute (as per your max noir), and lets just for calculation purposes say you're hitting 800k milles. Another 533m damage per minute.

    333m + 533m = total of 866m per minute.

    That over 60mins, makes it close to 50b damage. and thats not even enough for empress herself, let alone minions and whatnot. I even won't go into DR of both empress and mihile.

    For fun, lets say you do hit max milles, along with cartes. That's 666m + 333m = 1b per minute. 60b per hour. Again, even capping milles, not enough. I don't see how you can claim that soloing Empress on phantom was possible.

    And that's being lenient, as I believe I was hitting 800 milles with 250k range on empress with 150% boss.

    And since when did mille capping empress undo the KB effect? I've never tried it myself, but with RF, I was KBing Empress 100%. Why should it be different?

    No, just no. it's straight impossible to solo empress like that.

    If someone spots a flaw in my elementary mathematics, please tell me so. Or share opinions please

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    Do I even have to bother explaining again? First and foremost, you're going offtopic in your own thread, please make a new one. The Knock Back effect literally hitstunned her to death. That means I was just dragging her across the field all day long, and she never NEVER used a single skill on me. For the record, she only has 35 heals, thats about 800m hp per heal at least, how and where are you pulling out 50bil hp from? Your calculations doesn't mean much to me, real experience is everything. If I could do it, I could do it, if I couldn't I couldnt. Auto heals are auto, which wear out after a while, she didn't even DR on me.

    For just proof's sake I pulled out a old thread but unfortunately the video is taken down. I'm not even going to bother trying to pull out another video at this point, do more research and look up more older threads, tons about this already.
    Everybody that even watched the video previously saw him able to kill her and he didn't even cap on mille much at all. The point is to NOT cap on mille, which enables you to just attack her all day long without a care in the world. I already said that you are now not able to do it the same way anymore because there is no more KB effect.

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    I'm just going to put this here: You could get those slots for free now if you work on it, plus it's not a lot of work.

    Also, if I'm not mistaken you couldn't KB glitch Empress that way since what, the time when CPB was released?

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    knockback glitch

    Also Empress is 35+ heals of 840M each. So not quite 50B damage.

    There was a video of a JMS phantom with 100% guard (from familiars?) soloing Empress with Rapid Fire but it got removed. This is without knockbacks.



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