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Thread: Path of Exile

  1. Default Path of Exile

    I thought I'd see something about this game here but nope. Anyone playing this right now in secret? I heard it's really good, I'm going to download it now that my bandwidth reset. ^^

    Apparently it's kind of like Diablo 3 but better? Idk just some things I heard. It's in open beta, so we can all try it now. (unless I picked a really bad time and it ended, but I doubt it)
    Here's a trailer.

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    I actually heard of it from a friend while it was still in Closed Beta and come to think of it, I might find him there again since he was gushing about this game and quit Maple while I was on a hiatus. I'll only try it out on Wednesday though since I have homework to finish and some ongoing things to do in Maple and I'm not sure if my laptop is geared up for this.

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    Idk if my computer can handle it either, but seeing as the screen is looking down, and there isn't too much terrain loading on the screen, I'd think I can handle it.

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    I started the video thinking "this looks like a Diablo 3 clone"

    Started changing my mind when it showed the chain spells, and then the character classes (witch!).
    I might try this out.

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    Well, there was a thread...

    Last time I played was on one of its CBs, and I'd like to have some time playing this game again. However, I have heard via their Twitter that they have been going through some server issues lately.

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    I think mine should be able to handle it too (Unless I do something stupid like running Maple at the same time). Then again, I'd have to check things like latency and lag first before committing, and I guess there's no harm slacking off in Maple a bit to test that out.

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    Well it's working alright for me so far. There are some options you can use to make it run smoother, like turning off shadows. That increases my fps by a good amount, same as in League.

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    So close

    I wonder how this will compare to Torchlight II? It looks much more complex with the skill trees.

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    The "passive skill tree" looks a lot like the Sphere Grid from Final Fantasy X.

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    Should have reminded me to bump my thread.

    Currently level 56 summoner, having fun. Feels good to finally have Diablo III after all these years.

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    Path of Exile is quite fun! I can explain what Path of Exile did right compared to Diablo 3 but once you play the game and understand what they're trying to do with PoE, I don't think a detailed explanation is necessary. PoE has its problems but these are the kinds of things that can be fixed over time. I know that many people felt the beginning very slow or "clunky" but it does get a lot better after 20 levels. The game isn't optimized very well yet either because certain areas or skills like poison arrow or ice shot can take a large hit to your fps.

    I've made a beginner list of things to know for my friends which includes all the hotkeys, commands, and items to look for so I might as well share it here if anyone is trying the game out.

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    Hit me up on "KhazixIsOP" or "Elektramagess"!

    The game is tits I recommend it for any D2 addict.

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    I wrote a stash evaluator for PoE and released it as open source here. You are responsible for compiling it yourself. I'm only providing binaries for my friends because most people (understandably) think it's a phishing attempt since it requires you to log in. (If you're curious, it posts your login info to and then fetches your stash from This is the only way to retrieve your stash for now.)

    Basically you can throw all of your superiors into your stash and then check back once in a while with the program to find all combinations of items that sum up to exactly 40% quality for tons of whetstones and armorer's scraps. It's also got a duplicate rare solver but I haven't been able to test to make sure that it works yet (considering how hard it is to find two with the same name...yeah...) Eventually I'd like to add a solver for most, if not all of the recipes on this list.

    Also, this is legit and not against the ToS or anything. There's a similar Chrome extension that GGG has approved the use of. I chose to write my own tool since the Chrome extension was, well, for Chrome, and it solved for item combinations that added up to approximately 40% quality.

    Are you by any chance on Linux running the game through Wine? Two of my friends playing with that setup lag whenever those exact skills are used; apparently it's a known issue.

    EDIT: New patch notes posted.
    EDIT2: My patch diff:
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    I've been playing it since the early days. It reminds me alot of Diablo 2 and I'm finding it more fun than Diablo 3.

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    thanks eos

    So, I started playing the other day and found it to be actually kinda similar to maplestory in a lot of ways. It's very different graphically but there are a lot of parallels--thankfully one of them isn't the influence of cash in the game. Never played any of the diablo games though.
    I have a turtle for a computer and I've been able to handle things pretty well but I haven't gotten very far so I guess we'll see if my integrated graphics card can handle the later stages of the game + big bosses.
    It seems you can sign in and play (?) through steam but I didn't take the opportunity to do that.

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    Obviously all character classes are the result of Magic Duels with this card being tossed around like Counterspells.

    Edit: Oh wow, did not realize how old that post was...

    Yeah, the game is on Steam and everything now. It's nice. Wish they'd update the minimap though, it's so ugly.

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    started with a templar. had no idea what I was doing. no dps, not very durable... I gave it up at level 36.
    Thankfully I had some good gear and made a duelist. found a good guide and I mow through things faster than my templar even though I'm 10 levels lower. plus it's more survivable thanks to the life on hit+melee splash.

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    I've been playing the heck out of this. I have a level 68 Ethereal Knives Scion but now I'm also looking into making an Explosive Arrow ranger.

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    I'm a D3 player looking for something to tide me over until RoS comes out and (hopefully) fixes D3's problems, and I have a few questions:

    1. It is my understanding that the character customization is one of the main reasons why PoE is "what D3 should have been", but what other advantages does it have over D3? Does it have the actual Endgame content that D3 lacks?

    2. The character customization, exactly how much do we get to experiment with it? Do we get to fix mistakes, or is it like pre-respec D2 where we have to start all over again to fix mistakes/swap things up because we found a legendary that would make another skill better than what we've been using?

    3. Furthermore, since you can apparently use the Skill Tree to boost anything and from the sounds of things make Marauders with magic abilities, I'm wondering, are such hybrid builds viable?

    4. How is the EXP curve?

    5. Since there's an EXP penalty upon death in this game, I'm wondering, does the game have cheap deaths like D3 has when you fight, for example, Vortex Arcane Enchanted Fire Chains enemies in narrow spaces or anything of the sort?



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