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  1. Default Tyrant Gear and Xenon

    I'm of the opinion that xenon should not be able to wear this gear.
    Why you ask?

    At seven stars, the pieces will all have around 165 all stats.

    Xenon has three main stats

    165x3 = an effective 495 main stat from each equip

    three pieces in the tyrant set means 1,485 bonus stats (AND THAT'S BEFORE POTENTIAL)

    Let's assume that you get a measly 6% all stats on each piece, and add a 2% neb.

    So 8% all stats per piece for 24% all stats.

    1485*1.24=1,841 stats.
    Which comes out to be around 368.2 levels worth of AP.

    Literally gamebreaking.
    A xenon equipping the seven starred triple set tyrant threat at level 150 will become effectively 297 levels worth of stats stronger, and that's before potential.

    If you have thief or pirate tyrant gear... there's honestly no reason to play any other thief or pirate if damage is what you're interested in.

  2. Default Re: Tyrant Gear and Xenon

    It's almost as if Tyrant gear was created with Xenon in mind >_> So unbelievably overpowered.

    I'm still waiting to see what the inevitable Xenon nerf will be like though. I'm expecting less total damage and probably a lot less inherit all stat bonuses.

  3. Default Re: Tyrant Gear and Xenon

    >Sold my pirate tyrant gear

    pineapple. Oh well, I have like 6 months to get some back.

  4. Default Re: Tyrant Gear and Xenon

    They could always just go with that special Enhancement scroll on an empress set. pineapple, do it on every piece of lvl 140+ equips.

  5. Default Re: Tyrant Gear and Xenon

    Too bad most Maplers can not afford or obtain Tyrant (unless you got a lucky Marvel).

  6. Default Re: Tyrant Gear and Xenon

    Even Nova/Helisium gear is pretty unfair. Not nearly as bad as Tyrant, but they all have STR/DEX/INT/LUK on them.

  7. Default Re: Tyrant Gear and Xenon

    HOPEFULLY we'll get the fixed version before it hits GMS. like AB.

  8. Default Re: Tyrant Gear and Xenon

    Like AB?. So an OP job instead of the balanced one KMS has?

  9. Default Re: Tyrant Gear and Xenon

    I'm expecting a crash so big it'll make Angelic Burster's nerf look like the one tiny nerf Mercedes got. It's OP. It can be a Pirate. A major nerf hitting this year is all but inevitable but let's not forget that KMS' AB is still a veritable force even after that so I expect Xenon would also be nerfed that much unless Nexon likes its anagrams too much.

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    Default Re: Tyrant Gear and Xenon

    i'd like to point out your numbers are wrong though, xenon gets an advantage of 990 ap from having all three pieces, at least when comparing them to other classes. which is still a lot, but not 300 levels of advantage.

  11. Default Re: Tyrant Gear and Xenon

    All our AB has going for her is Soul Seeker. Take that away and she's even worse than the KMS one.

  12. Default Re: Tyrant Gear and Xenon

    Not sure why you are telling me something I know. It's still far less balanced than KMS's AB because there is no reason not to use soul seeker except at 3 bosses in the game where all you need is crash. With 90%dex and 2 lines of boss damage I can kill Magnus, something other chars can't do without 250-300% of their main stats. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to do that with KMS's AB, so I'm not sure why someone'd call her the "fixed version".

  13. Default Re: Tyrant Gear and Xenon

    I'll do the math for you then.

    At level 150, you have approximately 750 AP, and another bunch coming from your skills so let's make that 800.

    Your weapon and skills should give you... 200 WA, give or take, since there's blessing and all that stuff.

    Now you, naked, stand there with only your weapon and Tyrant equipment, and let me do some punching.

    Say you have 3% in each stat because you got lucky at your potentials, and you threw in another 2% neb in each (not %all, just %stat, because even %all is hard to get without cubing).

    (800 + 1485) [stats] * 1.05 [%stuff] * 4 [the OP triple main stat bonus] * 290 [WA, 200 base + 90-ish from Tyrant] * 1.5 (damage multiplier) / 100 = 41746.95

    And he's naked with just some random rubbish numbers in there... A standard funded turnout would probably be like this:

    (800 + 1485 + 360) [stats, Empress EQ and all the usual equipment e.g. HT neck] * 1.91 [%stuff, for the sake of argument you have 13 standard pieces of pottable EQ each with only 6% (I'm not even considering things like Mystic Set effects!) and a 1% neb in each of them... roughly speaking] * 4 [the OP triple main stat bonus] * 400 [WA, 200 base + 90-ish from Tyrant + 110 from other armour e.g. PChaosed Empresses, and this is on the lower side] * 1.5 (damage multiplier) / 100 = 121246.8

    That's before %att, %all, %boss, %dmg blah blah...

    Why does Xenon/Nexon even exist? o.O


  14. Default Re: Tyrant Gear and Xenon

    Eugh, the only thing that riles me about the tyrants, is that it's not overpowered, but that the only way is to get them is from Marvel and also at ridiculously low chances.

    Seems certain guilds/people are hogging a stock in Broa and selling it for hugely inflated prices.

    That said, I'm kind of still looking forward to Xenon. I was so pumped for ABs but their play-style is a one that I detested.

    Another question, why on earth does nexon NOT raise AP with increased skillcap >_< I was hoping to play with increased base luk on Xenon even if the AP cap remained at 999. =/

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    Default Re: Tyrant Gear and Xenon


  16. Default Re: Tyrant Gear and Xenon

    Typos all around. Why does nexon not give AP with the increased level cap*

    i.e, instead of 333/333/333 --> it could have been 333/333/483 at level 250.

  17. Default Re: Tyrant Gear and Xenon

    No doubt there'd be a Multilateral upgrade at some point anyway, meaning 383/383/383 would be stronger than 333/333/483.

  18. Default Re: Tyrant Gear and Xenon

    You're right, I completely disregarded the 5th job in my assumptions. Nexon would probably bring out a new multilateral upgrade with a new job advancement.

    Lol, back to hunting more %all stats gear, huzzah!

    - edit -
    On second thought,

    What are the chances that we'll get to 250 to get 5th job multilateral at 383/383/383? =D

    I guess i'm pumping it all into one stat till 250 and do a reset then ^^
    Last edited by CherryPie; 2013-02-04 at 05:01 AM. Reason: second thoughts

  19. Default Re: Tyrant Gear and Xenon

    All your Multilaterals need base AP, and you're losing a lot of %dmg that way... like ~50%. If you think about it, dumping all into %LUK does make the damage growth line-efficient, but it is also dreadfully expensive. Whereas spreading out your %stat across 3 stats gives more marginal increase per increase in %stat, and costs less while having a higher chance of getting 2x%stat of the same stat, but gives quite a bit less damage.

    But then again %all is even more dreadfully rare and expensive...




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