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  1. Default Question regarding enhancement scrolls

    Hypothetically speaking if I had a +8 190 atk weapon with 2 failed slots and I used an enhancement scroll on the weapon bringing it to 194 atk, would the +4 automatically turn into a +5 if I cleanslated the 2 failed slots and scrolled the weapon to 200 atk?

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    Default Re: Question regarding enhancement scrolls

    If you successfully scroll the last two slots to 204att, then yes, you would start gaining +5att when using Enhancement Scrolls.

  3. Default Re: Question regarding enhancement scrolls

    They're asking if the previous enhancement already applied, +4 atk, will automatically become +5 atk instead of +4 atk if he clean slates and scrolls the final two slots, and in doing so, go over the threshold, after having already enhanced, which it would not.

    You will not gain the extra attack that you would've gotten had you waited until it was fully scrolled. It is recommended that you finish scrolling beyond a threshold before you apply any enhancements.



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