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  1. Default Lag when killing mobs at boss maps

    One-shotting a large amount of mobs on a boss map will produce a large amount of lag.

    Mainly happens at Zakum, Chaos Zakum, and Empress Scrubby Garden. Probably doesn't happen that much at HT.

    I also tried killing the Scrubby Garden mobs one at a time and dc'd from that yesterday and today. And too many there will dc you upon entry so avoiding them isn't a good solution.

    Does anyone have any good ways around this?

  2. Default Re: Lag when killing mobs at boss maps

    I've experienced this at HT when wyverns or cornians are summoned mid spam of blade burst while I'm attacking tail arms and wings. I haven't found any way around it either in fact it's caused me a few deaths at HT because of it.

  3. Default Re: Lag when killing mobs at boss maps

    I'm now having lag problems on non-boss maps too as of the v128 patch. Went to ToT and got crazy lag whenever I killed stuff.



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