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  1. Default How you guys find interest in your job?

    As of title. I don't how how you guys select your class and have faith in it. But for me, I'm always uncertain with my decision. Nexon's evil scheme of releasing OP classes and nerfing them 6 months later always affect me in many ways. For example, i may find phantom interesting today, but tomorrow i may feel that luminous is a better option for me and regret funding my phantom, and the cycles continues when a new OP job rolls out. In other word, bandwagon. I'm not sure if anyone is same with me, but i have to bandwagon every new jobs now and then because I always skeptical with my decision . Hence, i always kinda forced to level a certain job to 150-ish to find out if I'm interested with it. Well, i do not do any homework to calculate the damage output of any jobs and how much DPS they can spit out because i play a job simply based on its game play to see if its style suits me well. For example, some may love bossing classes and dream to deal the highest DPS on bosses, but i personally like mobbing classes more because i mob mostly and seldom go bossing. I always admire @Green4Ever for his loyalty in his F/P and wonder how he can stay firm until today with the release of new OP classes and such. I believe that other southperrians does too, and i really wonder how you guys find interest in your job.
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  2. Default Re: How you guys find interest in your job?

    I used to bandwagon like you until I read about Phantom and have stopped playing all other classes since then. It's kind of hard to explain how do I personally stick to one class but I'd say Phantom had enough of the things I needed to see in a class to maintain my interest.

  3. Default Re: How you guys find interest in your job?

    Not sure how but I've stayed to only 2 jobs (DS and Phantom) for their storylines. DS coz it was the most hyped up job when I first joined Maple and its storyline just hooked me while Phantom was the one that got me to join Maple with its trailers and storyline. But as you know, storyline can only take a job so far as they mostly disappear by 120...

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    Default Re: How you guys find interest in your job?

    Personally, I find it hard to completely quit my Sair just because I found an amazing guild/friends.
    Getting bored of Maple in general though

  5. Default Re: How you guys find interest in your job?

    Entertain yourself. Its a game.

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    Default Re: How you guys find interest in your job?

    You say you don't need to be the top DPS'er/Bosser, yet you feel a need to bandwagon the newest OP class? Doesn't make much sense to me.

    I understand the need to try out the newest shiniest class, but lately it's been very easy. Nexon nearly forces us to make them, with the link skill and character card benefits. And they give us free equips that make it easy to level to at least 120 without any funding (especially if you have some common tradeable gear like evolving rings, attack wg, election balloon, etc, that you can use on each new char in turn without spending money).
    4th job is level 100 now, so by 120 you can sample all the new skills and gameplay and decide whether they suit your style.
    What to do when Nexon nerfs them... or just changes them... I have no advice really. Just to be aware that a nerf is almost always coming, and decide whether to fund or not based on that.

    As for me, I do all that, and then I return to my Hero that feels like home. Yeah, sometimes I miss something from the new class (like, recently, I would gladly have traded either Kaiser or AB link skills for their grappling hook), but that feeling quickly goes away. Having played the same character as main for 4.5 years now, it feels natural and comfortable. Lucky for me, the playstyle of Heros hasn't really changed in all that time. The only real revamp we had - the one that changed Enrage and added Crash - is already years in the past as well. Other than that, we just get our single attack skill renamed and its number of hits and targets raised every once in a while.
    Naturally, my Hero is my best-equipped char, both in terms of damage and in terms of comfort (perma pet, perma hyper rock), so it's the easiest to do quests and events on, or try out new content, or anything else that's interesting on Maple. I find interest in the character, more than the "job".

  7. Default Re: How you guys find interest in your job?

    i play all mages... my fire mage being my main. i dont know but, Evan, Bishop and Fire mage are just one of the few fun ones that i actually enjoy. Its hard to pinpoint but i just.. enjoy them.

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    Default Re: How you guys find interest in your job?

    I like how versatile my Battle Mage is. It has good overall damage and mobbing, good HP and MP, good defence (with Blue Aura), visually appealing moves, fast attacks, the invincibility that comes with Body Boost and Party Shield. I love that because of my Aura's i'm useful to all my party members without really trying to be, I love playing support characters, so being able to support my party while just doing DPS is a big draw for me. I can switch from mobbing to single target nuke with the press of a button and I have enough buffs to instantly raise my damage range by about 20k while providing other benefits too like crit rate, attack speed, invincibility.
    Also, mobbing doesn't get as boring because i'm not just spamming one button. I can go around hitting things with Finishing Blow, then turn around, chain a bunch of enemies and pull them, then hit them with one strong Dark Shock. If there are a lot of enemies on a fast respawning map I can use twisted spin and kill everything. my reapers save me some time and effort. So mobbing is fast and easy.
    It's just a bunch of things that work really well together that makes me love the job as a whole.

    And let's face it, it's a resistance character. They, like Adventurers never get nerfed, they only ever get buffed. while all these new jobs that come out have their moment in the spotlight and then get nerfed beyond recognition later.

  9. Default Re: How you guys find interest in your job?

    I made an Evan because... I wanted to make a DB but they were unavailable (If that makes any sense). So, a bit disappointed, I just made something easy to fund.
    I don't play that much anymore but skills/style was how I chose classes. If I were to start over again, I'd choose a class that's easy to fund... so probably something else that uses INT too.
    In other games I like tanks/healers... especially healers. For example in WoW, I have one of each class that can heal. Except I haven't played that in months either lol.

  10. Default Re: How you guys find interest in your job?

    I call Resistance 'The better Adventurers' for that reason. That applies only to the original three since we've already seen the fourth fall and rise again and the fifth is heading the way to a nerf sometime this year for certain.

  11. Default Re: How you guys find interest in your job?

    If i'm not wrong, i remember you said that you will quit your Phantom after hitting lvl 200. Is that the case ?

    I forget to mention that the storyline plays an important role for me when choosing a job, which pretty much explains why i have to bandwagon every new classes.

    But the ending of storyline at lvl 120 is a downside though.

    You thoroughly explain my feelings now !

    I currently do that on my I/L, which is by far my main after playing him for roughly 5 years and haven't reach lvl 200.

    But i think there is no point for hitting lvl 200 now since the announcement of lvl 250.

  12. Default Re: How you guys find interest in your job?

    @Pythagoras;: That's correct, but the reason has nothing to do with Phantom and everything to do with the server I'm playing in along with Nexon's other cash-grabbing methods.

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    Default Re: How you guys find interest in your job?

    How am I interested in a dark knight? Back when Big Bang was just released, I wanted to create a character that is a warrior with some supporting skills and can mob like arans. Since then I stuck with it despite the 7+ jobs that were released after I made my drk. I test those other classes out but they just didn't fit my style for some reason. Now how did I stay interested in my drk? I try to make my drk above the average drk. :P

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    Default Re: How you guys find interest in your job?

    Archers... archery in general interests me. I love it as a sport and hope to someday try it out. Every archer I see in shows and games gains my attention.

    Why? Because I fell in love with my Bowmaster's playstyle ever since I made my first Hunter in 2006. She gave me the interest in archery. And because of that interest, I pretty much stuck with my Bowmaster forever. I guess you can say the job itself sparked an interest and that interest is reflected back on my character, if that makes sense.

    Probably why the archer class in general always gains my attention... I have made literally every archer class and have gotten them to 4th job (as well as a 120 Wind Archer), crossbow archers and Mercedes included. If there's a new class, I won't care unless it's an archer class. I even have a second Bowmaster because why the hell not? But I always go back to my main, the one archer that's never let me down.

    In short, I'm one of those people who are a bit too proud of their class.

  15. Default Re: How you guys find interest in your job?

    I first created my FP in 2005, and pretty much enjoyed playing the character all the way up to 200. FP back then was not too common, and I believe even today there are not that many FP mages around. It gave that sense of feeling that you were not on the bandwagon of Hermits / Priests before 4th job, and had a sense of uniqueness about it.
    Competing with friends, and others on the rankings, played a huge part in leveling the character for me. Another part of it is that this is the character I enjoyed playing for hours upon hours experiencing every part of Maple with this char, as things became new and maple changed a bit here and there.

    With new characters, you just don't experience Maple like it used to be, and that in turn has always pushed me back to playing my FP Mage.

    Also like Maria, I am one of those people that have become just a bit too proud of my class, since I have played it for so long.

  16. Default Re: How you guys find interest in your job?

    I've been with the same character since Pirates came out. I loved the playstyle back in the day and even though Nexon took that and threw it out the window, I'm still content with my character. Buccaneers are just fun in general- tank stuff, heal yourself for free, and a decent 1v1 with a crapton of awesome buffs. Only thing I'm still kinda sad about is the loss of dragon-dancing and the fact it's basically "DS-DS-DS-DS-DS- IMAFIRINMAHLASOR" Hate lasers for the sheer fact that buccaneers are supposed to use knuckles, which, if you haven't noticed, are on their hands. The laser should have been the hyper skill and energy orb could have changed into something different. Also Buc hyper skills look terrible and i'm so sad i will never be able to sit in my Super Transform state and look at it's epic sitting animation ever again I don't hate the class, I hate what Nexon has smushed it into. But it's basically my favorite character to play and I have fun playing it (because bossing is fun :D). I've come to the realization that I'll be able to buy the odd NX every now and then but nothing significant as to cube the crap out of my items. Damage is nonsense to me and I don't give a damn. I like exploring the new classes as much as anyone else, but there hasn't been anything significantly different to make we say "OMG i WANT to play this class"

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    Default Re: How you guys find interest in your job?

    What I find interesting about my hero is that he... actually, I have no idea. I think it's just the time and effort that I put into my hero that makes me not quit it. I'm not going to let 3 years go to waste on my hero.

    EDIT: Also, this video inspired me to move back to my hero after I decided a wild hunter would be my main.
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  18. Default Re: How you guys find interest in your job?

    Initially it was the auras that interested me. Then I learned of twister spin and fell in love.
    Old twister spin was the most hilarious skill in the bam arsenal, and new twister spin is just as fun.
    Cant wait to fully buff it with hypers. O wO

  19. Default Re: How you guys find interest in your job?

    It's simple. You play the one that gives you the most fun, and ignore DPS.

    That's the reason why I used to LOVE good ol' weak Buccs, but hate them now. They improved the DPS, but killed the playstyle.

    I love my Dual Blade because I've always loved dual dagger weilding, such as in Ragnarok Online, but Bandits never appealed me with their "dagger shield" thingies, Dual Blades really did it well. They've been changed since their release, but the core concept remains intact.

    Back when Evan and Demon Slayer were gonna be released, I loved the concept of the jobs. However, I didn't like the gameplay when I tried them. Deleted my Evan and left my Demon Slayer as a link skill mule.

    I kinda enjoy my Bishop now that Angel Ray isn't a joke, but they're still too support-oriented in a game where support doesn't really matter, as you can solo everything providing you are funded, and no one needs a healer with the way potions work in MS; in other games potion have cooldowns and healers are a must, but not in MS. I kinda like the simplicity of Angel Ray sometimes, but other times I wish Bishop had more variety in attacks, or give them a system where supporting your party members will charge up your damage, or fun dynamics like that. But there's none.

    Currently I like the most the dynamics of Dual Blade (the way they link skills, how you have to cycle and use different attacks in different situations) and Angelic Buster.

    tl;dr you keep playing what you have fun with, it's a game.

  20. Default Re: How you guys find interest in your job?

    I jump around between a bunch. At this point I have a I/L, Shadower, Battle Mage, Gunslinger, Ranger, and Blaze Wizard in 3rd or 4th job, and like a dozen more in 1st and 2nd. One class generally doesn't stay interesting for too long for me, so I like to switch between a bunch.

    Geez, have I really had my I/L for over 6 years? Damn.



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