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  1. Default Scrolling Tempest Rings.

    I made a thread before about what to spend tempest coins on, I've decided to use at least half my mules on scrolling some rings and now I have another question.

    My mules and such have about 180 coins each (Enough for 2 rings 2 p. chaos scrolls) however I am not sure whether to use the 40% p. chaos or the 50% p. chaos.

    I believe each of my mules have about 2 of the 50% p. chaos each along with all those great items we got during hot time week.

    So, the question is. When it comes to scrolling Tempest Rings is it best to stick with the 50% or the 40% p. chaos scroll?

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    By the 40% I'm assuming the incredible chaos of goodness scrolls. I don't like those scrolls to be honest. I had bought an overall that has 100% off all scrolls except enchantment succeeding. With 9 slots i was only able to get to 1matk to 19 matk. Not a single scroll went higher than 2 matk which was such a let down. However my boyfriend had great success with the 50%, often getting 3+ on the scrolls when they passed. So if it was to me i would use the 50s and skip the 40s.

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    My experiences with the 40% ones have generally been pretty terrible. Too many booms and +1's.

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    Yeah, I only used one of the 40%s, and my ring went up just +1 luk.

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    Im gathering coins on 4 computers at the same time and I prefer to use the 40%'s. Why? Because they are free, its not worth spending 5m for miracle chaos scrolls from fm (price in ems kradia) when you want to make profit or a good ring. So far I made 5 5 w.att rings, 1 5 m.att ring and 1 8 m.att ring. Just go with whatever you feel like, I know ring cost 45 in gms and 30 in ems but if you have a lot of supply daily, go for the 40%. If not, then go for the 20 coin one and fuse the bad ones, using 50% p. chaos on the first slot is NOT WORTH IT, save those for the last 2 slots.

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    The 40% have either boomed my item or only increased the stats by +1-2. Generally sucked for me. I have had much better luk with the 50%. They dont boom (and 10% higher chance).



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