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    Hi All-
    As an Archer we get no status resist skill (until hypers). So we have to get our own. Here are the ways I know of to get this trait. Can you please list any that I have missed?

    Will power max - 20%
    phoenix (hyper update) - 15%
    DS card (S - no way im getting SS) - 4%
    Striker Link skill lvl2 (no yet available) - 10%

    side note: how much does the resist potion get that you can make as an alchemist?

    Max as a BM that I can achieve would be about 50% after stiker update

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    iirc resist pot was 30%

    you can also get resistance lines on top (or was it bottom?can't remember but if it is that sucks)

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    All top Legendary potential has a chance to get 10% status resist
    All Weapon including secondary weapon on the Addtional Legendary potential has a chance to get 5% status resist
    Demon slayer card can get up to 5% resist: Card --> 2%/3%/4%/5%
    Will Power up to 20% resist
    Cygnus Knight Striker Resist has change to level 1/2 --- >> 2%/5%

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    Was Demon Slayer changed? It's 1/2/3/4% in GMS

    Also Cygnus Knight is 5/10% if there's only ONE linked. Anymore and it drops to 2/5%.

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    i think i got that mix up battlemage is 2/3/4/5 and demon slayer is 1/2/3/4
    but unlikely ppl would only use one link.... on their char...

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    Depends on the class. My Kaiser has 84% resist with level 100 WP and a 200 DS.
    One level 120+ Cygnus Knight would put me at 94%. I would have to level two more Cygnus Knights to 120+ just to get +5% resist, because the 2nd Cygnus would still put me at 94% resist.

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    you saying it possible to get 25% resist from cygnus knights alone?

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    Nope, it's always 2/5%. Although I'm not sure what happens when you link 2 level 70 Cygnus... because the way the Link Skill looks on another char is 2% > 5% > 7% > 10%, etc.

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    2 cygnus knight cant be same job of cygnus right? it must be all diff for link to work right?

    example such as .. u cant have 2 striker link each other right? such as you cant have 5 kasier link all in one char (just checking)

    also if let say i have a fire/poison

    i use the cygnus link . it get +2% resist
    put another link from diff cygnus knight and the link on the striker change to +5%
    and then again to 7% and then again to 10% and then again to what ? is the final 5th cygnus would add?

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    Oh, I misread it. I thought it said if linked with multiple Cygnus it gets reduced to 2%/5%, not "If you link this to another character". Guess I'm still leveling 3 Cygnus for 99% resistance.



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