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  1. Cash7 Odd folders in AppData\Local\Temp

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section, it was maple related so it seemed like the best place.

    So, I was trying to save a word docx and when I opened the save as box I noticed something very strange. It brought me to my C:\Users\****\AppData\Local\Temp because i had opened the template off the internet, which is normal. What caught my eye was the first few folders. they where a string of numbers (0x80004003, 0x010303, and 0x80030002), followed by _iAmNotKawaii_ and a date and MaplestoryUS. The odd thing is iAmNotKawaii is my Angelic Busters IGN. When i opened the folders they all contained a text file in what google translate detected as Chinese (except for that last odd one). It was not able to translate them so i was wondering if anyone knows what those files are and if anyone can translate Chinese?

    This is a link to pastebin containing all the text from the files. If anyone could translate them or enlighten me to their purpose or meaning it would be much appreciated.

  2. Default Re: Odd folders in AppData\Local\Temp

    These are created when your game encounters an error.

  3. Default Re: Odd folders in AppData\Local\Temp

    Oh, that is interesting, I'm surprised there are not more in that case. Any reason why they are (possibly) in Chinese or that last one in some language i do not recognize?

    Would you also happen to know what kind of data or information is contained in those?

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    Default Re: Odd folders in AppData\Local\Temp

    They are only created when the error is the kind that pops up the dialog asking whether to send the crash information to Nexon.
    Unfortunately it only works on a very small fraction of client crashes.
    The data is probably binary, no idea why Google translate decided it was Chinese (especially since it was unable to translate it).

  5. Default Re: Odd folders in AppData\Local\Temp

    Thanks for the info guys, i had no idea.

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    Default Re: Odd folders in AppData\Local\Temp

    A lot of binary data files shows some random Chinese character while opened in Notepad, though those words doesn't make sense and not all of them are "Chinese" characters.

    In my case, these files are created whenever my client crashes, with IGN of character I play when it crashed, time and date it crash and the error code.

    You can ignore it or clear the folder if you don't feel comfortable with it.



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