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    So, KMS players! Any of you know a player with a premade striker? I'd love to know what happens to old players. Mainly asking about the lv 30 empress blessing and the adventurer skill quests. Remember the lunar dews quest? Is there any change to those skills on normal adventurers? Because I'd be pissed if they removed vampire from my character.

    As for the blessing... I heard it now gives you the lv 30 blessing at lv 150. If you have a lv 120 that did the arkarium quests BEFORE the update... do you get to keep the lv 30 buff even if at lv 120?

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    The Lunar Dew quest is still there, not sure why though haha. And yeah, you'll keep your 30 blessing.

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    Yessss... Now time to grab some Mihail buddys and level up my skill the cheap way!

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    How odd, this thread had 0 views but 2 replies

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    The view count is updated every hour.

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    AH, also. Did they give more character slots with this update?



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