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    Default The Scale of the Universe

    This site is wicked cool, allowing one to zoom all the way out to the estimated size of the universe, and all the way down to quantum foam and strings. In between is a vast assortment of things of various sizes, all placed at their appropriate size in the scale, and each with its own description.

    Enjoy learning about the universe around us, we're a part of, and we're made of!

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    I've seen this (or something very similar) before - absolutely blows my mind.

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    I just sat here and scrolled through and read everything. Damn. Pretty awesome.

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    I laughed at Russell's teapot...not so much at seeing how many ants there are for every person.

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    Heh, I like this, Time to stare at it for the next four hours.

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    It's so crazy to think about nebulas that were already destroyed THOUSANDS of years ago we can still visibly see....for thousands years to come. The speed of light is so astronomically fast...but at the same time so astronomically slow compared to just how insanely vast the universe is. And we can only theoretically observe around a tenth of the entire universe. Absolutely mind blowing.

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    Default Re: The Scale of the Universe

    If you watch it from right to left as fast as you can it look slike The Big Bang Theory intro.
    This seems like an updated version. When I first saw this it certainly didn't have the "Minecraft World" thingy.

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    Thanks for the link. I love comparisons like this, and never knew that Japanese Spider Crabs could grow to be quite that large in comparison to humans, until now. Another thing that's interesting to see is how truly small Nix and Hydra are. It's something I had always overlooked, but this comparison diagram puts everything into perspective. There was only one small detail that sort of bothered me, and that was the outdated silhouette of the ISS with the cancelled SPP module. It's a miniscule issue, but seems to be a common occurrence.

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    Default Re: The Scale of the Universe

    Eternal Circle.

    "Behold, there was destruction and there was calamity on the planet. The sky vanished and the sky became frozen. Nature halted the circle of life, which was essential for the recognition of man. These narrators of these words have long since exited the stage and the curtain of the “system” has visibly fallen. However, even in this devastated world, one still cannot escape from the existence of this circle."

    Every shape in the world we know can be made with a circle. Check out sacred geometry, its pretty cool (and weird when you start playing it).

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    Seeing things like this baffles me how anyone can not believe in extraterrestrial life.

    There is no pineappleing way we're the only inhabitants in the entire universe.



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