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  1. Default Thief players, what is fun about your thief?

    I don't know what other forum to put this thread in, but I figured this one would be appropriate because it falls under "conversation topic" and its a discussion on thieves. So don't shoot me, saptazapta.

    Southperry thief players, what do you like about your thief?

    Tell me everything, if you are particularly apt at writing, go crazy. I need to know if its thematic(how the character looks, the overall archetype of the character), playstyle(my sin throws a butt ton of stars from a million miles away), or just NOMBERS (i play DB because it has the most hits/sec).

    however, I dont need answers that are like "I only play my thief because it has the most time put into it." If that is why you still play it, tell me what got you started on that character and why you kept playing it.

    like i said, please be specific and elaborate. i need your opinions, for science.

  2. Default Re: Thief players, what is fun about your thief?

    Of all the characters I've tried - and I've tried most - I've had the most fun with my Night Lord. The speed and the mobility are what sold the class for me, as well as the playstyle of utilizing throwing stars. It can be a hassle as far as recharging them, but it's the one class that's "clicked" with me. So to speak.

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    Default Re: Thief players, what is fun about your thief?

    I played a hermit before and liked the idea of far range attacking. Not sure if that counts.
    My friend is a dual blade and loves it because he does many rows of damage.

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    Default Re: Thief players, what is fun about your thief?

    I have a db shad and phantom all over 170, and I love all of them.
    I play my db way more than the others because.. it has much higher damage and I have a katara and untradable item or two on him.

    All three have incredibly fun playstyles.

    DBs currently have godmode which makes it easier to focus on other things. Never getting hit is huge. I afk ANYWHERE for however long I want whenever I need.
    Db is very mobile. I love the consistency of PB damage and attack speed. Using bs to spin around when I see an attack coming, and quickly switching back to PB or BF. It's so flowing, fast, and fun.

    Shad is a little less mobile, but it's way more involving. Being forced to chain skills for mobbing makes you decide what move is best for each situation. ME is the most fun skill in the game imo. Its crazy unique and situational. You have to know when and where to time your attacks and explosions. Shad is clunky but sure and hard hitting. If my db didn't so heavily outdamage my shad, I'd be on him much more than I am now.

    Phantom is great too. Obviously picking skills is great and makes for the most adapting class in the game. You're always useful no matter where you are and you mold to what your party needs. Ultimate Drive is one of the best looking skills in the game, and who doesnt like a mobile.. mobbing.. hurricane? If my phantom could outdamage my db, id play him over either db or shad. Phantom is incredible at bossing and training, but it's damage is depressingly low.. I don't have the super funds to make mine insane.

    Theif classes were always appealing to me. I always like fast, mobile classes in any game.
    They look great, too! I'm always for daggers, and TWO blades? Yes please. Canes are awesome too.

  5. Default Re: Thief players, what is fun about your thief?

    i completely forgot phantoms existed, crap.

    great stuff, keep going.

  6. Default Re: Thief players, what is fun about your thief?

    Boy this plays right into my wheelhouse. I've only ever enjoyed playing thieves, all other classes feel wrong when I play them. It helps that we only have 4 types of thieves when some branches have double that (not counting xenon since I haven't played it).

    I'm a nightlord and it is my favorite thief. Won't ever main another character simply because of how much I love the play style. MS to me has always been a simplistic game, there's no strategy or control, no confusing button combinations, no aiming, nothing. It's just a simple sidescroller and that's why I love it. When I don't feel like playing something mind-numbingly simple I can go do something else. Sins to me are the epitome of that simplicity. One main attack, one terrible mobbing move, and that's it. Everything else is gimmicks and doodads.

    I used to play my sin for the mobility but that's a moot point nowadays. My only reasons left are the feeling of it being natural and a strange sense of loyalty to the class. Every time one of my friends says they're quitting their main for one of the newer, "stronger" classes I reaffirm that I'm never leaving my sin.

    Honestly there isn't much reason for a new player to pick up being an assassin at all, we're out matched in mobility, damage output, survivability, bossing potential, hyper skills (compared to some glasses we did great but I feel we're below shads and DBs in terms of hyper skills), and every other aspect. All the sins I meet these days are people who've had the class all their MS life or people who came back after a 3 year hiatus and think sins are still the shi't. It's a sad state of affairs in the assassin world but that just makes me hold on harder.

    I guess I'm not a fan of change.
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  7. Default Re: Thief players, what is fun about your thief?

    See pretty much summed up a lot of what I thought of my classes as well. My opinions are close if not the same as his.

    DB's mobility attracted me the most. I like having a set of skills that lets me move when I need to move. I used to train at Castle golems in LHC before the thorns stance update. That was probably my most fun time around on DB, I trained there almost easily. Made every use of bloody storm and flying assaulter to dodge slams when necessary and nearly without fail. My best bossing situations was probably at RGTS (old version) where you'd have to make use of iframes or die 1hko from a bump damage. I managed to pull off easy left and right movements with bloody storm and chains of hell back then, it was great, and having puppet as a backup was good to for baiting when you solo. Currently if you use it, its mostly a damage decreaser and sometimes lures your bosses. Playstyle changed since then, but it started becoming way too easy for my DB to handle too many things, even if I was still upgrading it at the time. Damage became consistent like See said, made me not have to fly around so much anymore unless I need to rush or dodge something.

    Phantom's main attraction for me is the versatility. Like said, having a wide arrange of skills is really helpful, you can use it any way you see fit. Survival wise, it fits the top bill for me, especially at new bosses. Every new boss out there follows a ridiculous new mechanic now that doesn't even make sense with our current formulas. % hp damage? Ignores avoid? Ignores defensive skills? Ignores stance? Having drain now with the hyper skills helps a lot for these as backup when your own card doesn't give you want you want to get. Final Feint works anywhere and everywhere without fail, no mechanic out there will stop this. Self heal helped tons at pot cd areas (especially at magnus), having the highest possible stat resist (with all buffs on of course), shows a lot too. Used to be so much fun when you didn't have to deal with skill switching CD but, its still best at surviving things for me. The buff duration didn't even annoy me as much as the skill switching down times.

    The biggest current plus to thieves is, you never get hit, like ever. Sorry I don't have any experience with shadowers, but I know phantoms and DBs can do it without fail. For NLs sorry guys, but I don't know why you can't do it really no dodge? 90% cap avoid, I don't know too much about what to think about that yet. You can just watch Limgoon's Xenon vid and take a crack at what you think of the new formulas and how you think he feels about it.

  8. Default Re: Thief players, what is fun about your thief?

    I loved playing my phantom because of it's adaptive nature. It can hold it's own in a battle as an attacker or it can hang back in the shadows a little more as support. I loved the skill stealing aspect to it. Stealing different skills for different environments, whether it be for mobbing or bossing, for defensive reasons or for full on attack.

  9. Default Re: Thief players, what is fun about your thief?

    What sealed the deal for me on my NL was the mobility and range.

    You could jump attack so smoothly with stars, and heal yourself back with Drain, so you didn't need to rely on a Priest/Bishop at the time (although both have changed in Justice).

    There were also a few old Broan Hermits like BlueDesire who were great inspirations with their videos. LoOpEdd was also the first Thief to hit 200 (Broan and NL). There were also some other decent Broan Hermit/NL motivational videos like this, and that.

  10. Default Re: Thief players, what is fun about your thief?

    would you night lords want avenger back?

    would you shadowers want assaulter back?

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    Default Re: Thief players, what is fun about your thief?

    Whatever NL or Shad that doesn't want Avenger BoT or Assaulter back isn't a true thief.

  12. Default Re: Thief players, what is fun about your thief?

    I first started to have an interest in the Thief class only when I read about Phantom. I had been looking for the perfect class for me for a long time; my Bowmaster was steady but overshadowed and I wanted a class with higher mobility, an interesting storyline and a quirky mechanic that would serve well to keep me entertained. So it was with excitement that I read about Phantom's skill stealing and the trailer showing his past also had promise of not disappointing me in terms of story-telling.

    If you ask me why I love playing the class now I would say it's because Phantom's amazingly quick not only on his feet and in travelling across all continents, but also that switching between attacks seems to be smoother than most other classes I've played. He also has skills that complement each other well which works out great in MPSH where I can get a seven minute run done with just 44k range (Due to using Meso Guard and taking out Rage). The storyline is also fantastic in comparison to what most classes get and I'm eagerly looking forward to getting my car and the final storyline quest at level 200 to finish up my cap on all things Phantom-related, plus it helps that he gets a lot of hilarious dialogue everywhere without detracting from the story's value (Sorry Angelic Buster, yours is side-splitting but your plot is still mostly irrelevant).

    In sum, Phantom's quick, versatile, dynamic and entertaining. That's why I like the class.

  13. Default Re: Thief players, what is fun about your thief?

    I've always liked Thieves, had a Night Lord that I made back in 2007 which I played as an alt character to my main (a Dark Knight) because the gameplay was so much different to a warrior. Back then I loved the way Lucky 7, and later on, Triple Throw seemed to flow with the animation, it seemed really appealing to me. When Dual Blade came out in kMST I was in awe of how cool the idea of a class using two weapons was, and I ended up writing what I think was the first ever full Dual Blade guide in anticipation of the class coming to GMS.

    I spent the last 2/3 months of my time playing GMS gathering equips for a Dual Blade, and was planning to be one of the first players to reach level 200 in Windia (I even reserved myself what I thought was a really cool IGN), but sadly after all that wait a mere 3 weeks before the patch hit GMS I decided to quit as a result of DC hackers and it being my final year of school.

    I came back to GMS just over a year later and made a Shadower in El Nido with a group of friends, Big Bang had hit since I'd been gone and I thought it was awesome how Chief Bandits got Shadow Partner and Flash Jump, just like my old Night Lord. Having always been a fan of melee classes I thought this was perfect, and as I recall Dual Blade creation was disabled, so I opted for a Shadower. Meso Explosion is hands down the single most entertaining skill in the game in my opinion, it's flashy, strong, versatile and somewhat difficult to use if you're new to the class, which after having played an old Dark Knight I thought was a big plus. I trained all the way up to level 162 without any decent gear (9.3k buffed range at level 162) and just enjoyed how fun the class was.

    The Chaos patch then hit and I decided to create a Dual Blade, I didn't get it very far though as the skills had changed significantly since I was last excited for them. I got it to about level 70 I believe and after using all the free skill books I went back to my Shadower. Ended up playing that right up until the Renegades patch.

    While Thieves did need a revamp, I think if they hadn't of removed Band of Thieves and Assaulter, I'd probably still be playing my Shadower now. I was initially excited for the revamp as Midnight Carnival looks amazing compared to the old Savage Blow, but Shadowers went from being a fast, nimble class to a disappointingly bulky tank, which while entertaining, isn't what Thieves should be about in my opinion. I continued playing my Shadower as a main but started to level up my Dual Blade as an alt character this time, begrudgingly tolerating Upper Stab which I HATED as a mob skill in the hopes that it'd get better at 4th job.

    Phantom came out and I loved it, he's fast, strong, extremely versatile, arguably the best class to party with in the game and looks awesome. He has a car as a mount. Who doesn't want a car? I poured all of my funds from my Shadower into it and trained it up to 200 and enjoyed every second of it. The speed of Phantom was really what made it for me, he could travel anywhere in the Maple world in less than 5 minutes, could disappear and teleport pretty much anywhere in the map leaving a trail of playing cards, and could steal skills from other players. Total badass.

    ...and then the Phantom nerf hit, and once again, despite thinking it wouldn't be too bad, it completely crippled the class for me. The damage aspect wasn't too bad as I had spent a lot of time funding it already, so I didn't really mind as I wasn't losing much, but the cooldown on skills and loss of critical rate was just like a punch in the face. I stripped the character of my equips and moved them to my last resort, the Dual Blade.

    I was a little uneasy to start with on my Dual Blade, I'd already had my heart broken twice after the Shadower revamp and the Phantom nerf, I wasn't sure if I could handle another. I remember the first thing I did when playing my Dual Blade again was taking Upper Stab off my keyboard because it annoyed me too much, but I was pleasantly surprised when I got to MP3 in Singapore, I could effortlessly clear the entire map in seconds by jumping, using Flying Assaulter and then Bloody Storm, and jumping down to the next platform. The removal of the delay between FA and BS was really cool, and I'd forgotten all about that when I created my Dual Blade back in the Spring. It didn't take me long to get to 4th job, and I was incredibly relieved to find a stationary mob skill that I could use.

    4th job Dual Blade is everything I want in a Thief. Insane avoidability, strong and flashy attacks and god tier mobility. The only thing I'd ask for is for Thorns to be made a party skill again. Stance is a very good addition to the class though, so I can't complain.

    I hope that was enough for you. I've had fun writing this :)

  14. Default Re: Thief players, what is fun about your thief?

    @Mazz; That is a really lengthy story but I enjoyed reading it since I dislike all of the Thief classes except for Phantom (And I'm well aware that I'm unjustified since I'm purely basing it seeing how others play and in particular I've hated Assassins from the time I played my little Archer). A major reason on why I'm set on quitting Maple before/when Tempest hits is due to how Phantom is my favourite class and indeed the only reason why I didn't quit in 2012 itself because I finally found the class that resonated with my needs the most, and while I can bear the damage nerf I do not like nerfs that make the class a complete pain in the rear to maintain buffing-wise without the horrible idea of introducing cooldowns that makes Phantom's skill-stealing look like a joke, story-wise.

    As for Dual Blades- CoH, man. I brought my buddy to Hilla because he wanted the cores and I'm so jealous of that skill not triggering DR!

  15. Default Re: Thief players, what is fun about your thief?

    I totally forgot to mention the buff duration nerf when I wrote about Phantom. Argh. So frustrating.

    Chains of Hell is really fun, I like the animation a lot as well as the ignoring DR aspect, it's super useful at Hilla (especially when you're not alone, she gets covered in numbers so you can't see her DR animation). But then along walks Kaiser, who can just hold down his attack skills regardless of DR and do the full damage anyway.

  16. Default Re: Thief players, what is fun about your thief?

    Darned Dragon Guardians and ignoring the rules of the Maple World! The more embarrassing thing is that I was attacking a monster over to the left and Hilla was nearby with DR on and my card just FLEW there and needless to say I died a most glorious death in front of my friend. At this point I forget how many dialogues I've wrote about that nerf but one could have a field day talking about how Phantom's love for Aria doesn't seem to be as strong, his attacks are a little less piercing, he's gotten less talented and seems to have problem starting up stolen buffs.

    Pineapple you too Nexon.

  17. Default Re: Thief players, what is fun about your thief?

    I've played both a Shadower and a Phantom, both somewhat actively before Angelic Buster.

    Shadower: Fell in love with watching other people play Bandits (dat Savage Blow), decided to make one myself. Absolute sucker for Haste, loved Savage Blow and endured Steal up until 3rd job. 3rd job gave the mobility (Assaulter + Flash Jump), a much better mobbing attack (Band of Thieves) and differentiated my character from other spongy Thieves with Meso Guard. Meso Explosion was also super fun to play around with. 4th job gave Boomerang Step and Assassinate, among many things, but 3rd job was the most influential. Thief revamp hurt, but it also brought a lot of great things (Midnight Carnival, an improved Boomerang Step/Assassinate, etc.). I just hate not having a second mob attack to chain with Boomerang Step (MC+BStep with Meso Explosion is an option, but eh.).

    Phantom: Love the versatility that the character brings with the Impeccable Memory skills, and the mobility of Shroud Walk. Also, Mille is the best mob attack ever.

  18. Default Re: Thief players, what is fun about your thief?

    I suppose I can throw my two cents in on this matter...

    Before I start, I've played all the thief characters, so there's my personal input on all of these. =)

    My first character was a Figher in Scania, way back in '06 but that didn't get too far. It was slow, it had horrible accuracy, and waiting for LPQ was a pain, so I quit it in its 4x days.

    I returned to maple in mid '07 (I think), and being indecisive, I read up on all the pros and cons, and eventually opted for a Cleric, as it was a popular party member, and it required the least pot mesos (which was a big deal back then.)

    So I levell'd up this bishop towards 173, where Skeles 4x 4hour grindings became hell, and in wanting a way out, I chose a job that I've always wanted - an Asassin.

    I loved every moment of playing it. Although I was leeched at BFs by a friend till 103~, it was fun. Lucky 7s, Shadow Partner, Avenger. The whole package. The speed, the mobility, the power, and its nimbleness took me over from the very first moment.

    I've been stuck with my nightlord until the release of Phantoms. From 120 onwards, until Big Bang hit (at level 17x), all I did was bosses. Anegos, Zakum, CWKPQ. However Big Bang hit, experience took a cut, and it became a necessity to grind to level, and god I hated that. And with the steady stream of new jobs, people started abandoning NLs, yet I couldn't find another job that i wished to play. Eventually, with the constant egging of friends, I somehow managed to hit 200 (although majority of the levels were Castellan hunting), and I suffered what we call a post 200 depression.

    Without any motivation, i dabbled around with both the Shadower and Dual Blades, which I got upto 14x on both, but none seemed to match my passion for Night Lord. Shads were fun, but BStep just took its toll, and I didn't enjoy MC too much. Dual Blades.. I hated the chain skills, and the attacks it had. Infact, I think I missed my constant stream of stars that enabled ranged attacking possible on NL, and the fact that you could jump+attack, which I believe still isn't possible with any other job.

    Also, a big down-factor was that shads/dual blades both had SP and FJ, which was once NL exclusive (yes, i've still not gotten over that fully). So I returned to NL, and waited out until I heard about Phantoms.

    Again, like Night Lords, it was love at first sight. I loved its gameplay, it's versatility, and its mobility. True, it only had one main attacking skill (mille), but it was completely fine. And i didn't find it too overpowered like many claimed that it would be.

    I still love my Phantom. The recent patch took away all its perks - its versatility and gameplay, but I'm managing. To be completely honest, I don't mind the buff-change CD, but the fact that hypers for mille just became a compensatory skill, and that they imposed reduced buff duration is slightly annoying. It may not be the strongest class, but if you can truly learn to play as it should be played, it definitely is a fun job. =)

  19. Default Re: Thief players, what is fun about your thief?

    It started back in Beta (2004ish?) with a warrior-to-be-Spearman, did not have enough "fun" with it since it was too slow and levelled too slowly (In part was because of my fault of adding INT and LUK + bad dice roll at beginning). After getting to level 26 and being stagnant there I lay off for awhile until oMS was released.

    I wanted to play a more "fun" class and I heard about the thief class and their cool star throwing mechanics, and I got into it (along with rolling the dice to 4/5 for STR and INT respectively, still have the 5 INT to this day). They were not without their weak points since this class would be mobbed to death (Hermit and NL along with their skills had not yet existed yet, and the claw-punch was still in effect), only being Single-DPS but I still liked playing the class because Haste was one of the only skills that increased Speed and Jump.

    I barely inched up to level 60 and then quit because training was too hard due to no good places (I never had the patience to deal with people at zombies, but I did stick around at Dangerous Valley II, classic map with Red Drakes looking for 12-15mil Steelys, xD) and everything was expensive as pineapples since this class was the best single-DPS class so I could go nowhere with levels or scrolling gear.

    It was not until some mid-2009 when my friend was coming back with a character he got from a friend, so I wanted to catch up in levels so we could party. I hear now the ~60 - 82 level gap is bridged because of the release of Crimsonwood area and Windraiders, so I was able to claw my way up in levels and try out the available skills or Hermit and NL, which were quite fun since they built upon the foundation skills of 1st and 2nd job with increased mobility (FJ) or even mob skill (Avenger, finally).

    I was able to meet some awesome new friends (the friend that was making a comeback never made it past 82, lol) and eventually took part in some fun bossing (Zakum mostly) moments because NLs made a difference due to their DPS and while I never really thought about big numbers, I was just glad to be able to party train and go bossing.

    Eventually my main training partner reached 200, and then Big Bang came, and there was a feeling of... "alienation" being the best word to describe it, the interface and bits and pieces resembled the pre-BB class I played, but never felt the same again. Eventually I got together another training partner until he went to 200 as well, and then one more before finally reaching 200 myself just a week shy before Chaos patch came. It all ended there though, as Chaos bought in changes more than just general feel, but this is now another revamp over my class that I never really got used to.

    From here on I never really played my class since revamps came so often that I never really could get used to it, and especially now that stuff like Avenger is cut out along with skills being shifted around the jobs, I hardly even recognise my own character and so I ditched it there, only logging in for either Hot Time/Event/SP reset scrolls since there is a revamp.

    The only thieves I have played or will play nowadays are link mules, Phantom 1st-2nd job honestly bored me so much that I only trained one on 2x (Before Tempest changes, but still never went beyond that since I was never too interested).

    The only other significant thief played was a Cygnus Night Walker and the side story goes like this: Played for blessing buff, went to 8x or so before being bored since it was more of the same old thing since before BB they had no real changes from their NL counterparts. After BB and through Chaos was where NWs became a complete joke. This was the period where Avenger > TT if there are 3 mobs or more. Venom was not as powerful for training, but more for bossing. There is a slight problem with this though, lots of boss = 121+, and each level you were away = 5% accuracy deduction! Therefore, TT was nearly useless since you were mostly training (And with training you almost always have 3+ mobs), and they die from 1-2 Avenger hits anyway, so Venom was also useless. So there you have it, NWs were THE garbage Cygnus class because their 100 and 110 skills did nothing to help them in the new post-BB systems. Only thing that motivated me to go to 120 eventually was the change in blessing to be max of 24, so I did that and also let it rot to this day, even more so than the NL.

    Dear goodness that turned out way longer than expected, but there is that story, I could ramble on about how I never liked change since BB and all of that but that is not the point of the topic. Needless to say, I will most likely not continue once the level 250 patch hits, guess I really just don't like change or something, heh.

  20. Default Re: Thief players, what is fun about your thief?

    While I agree on the cooldown part, the critical rate part barely had an impact at all. Since you had hypers to compensate and give back 10% crit rate along with the new buff skill that can stack with judgement card and will activate all of them at the same time. you can literally get 90% crit rate already without SE or rings. Personally, I may have overcompensated myself with critical rate. I have 91% crit rate base without rings. If I had a critical ring I can easily knock myself up to 100% without buffs, but all I got is a DB 5% crit ring which I took off later on because I was packing too much extra critical now. I made up for the critical nerfs by getting a 12% crit rate 85% boss damage card, followed up with a 21% crit rate inner ability. Making up for the nerfs makes you have to put in extra effort into the class which is kind of annoying but I guess its part of building every character out there. Since they nerfed all stolen skills I used mille mostly, which I rather liked using anyways along with SE where you'd get even more crit rate and damage. Its nice flowing with 100% crit rate around, its something most jobs don't get to have (except for DB), and it impacts your damage too since carte noire relys on it.

    In the end yes, the part I never really could compensate much on is the damage nerfs, stolen skill damage became a joke that its not even "fun" to use them anymore without looking weak with it. While I did like using mille for most things anyways, I wanted to at least play around with skills without getting slapped in the face with a skill change CD and can't even see the stupid CD time. The biggest impact if you're a boss fad is the fact that you spend a lot of time buffing, like seriously, buffing lol. You got way too many buffs now when you add in hypers and AB link, you really spend too much time standing there buffing. The upside to that is now I can run around on my Phantom character with 85-105% stat resist easily and with avoid to make up for me wasting time standing there so I won't get hit. Once unlimited comes I may start feeling greatly impacted since I really don't like trying to pot in between buffs a lot. Think of the current Chaos Pierre if you ever gone there, he seriously whacks you too much too fast, I'm not going to keep trying to run away and buff all the time.



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