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    Cash5 Need help with loading maple

    Hello maybe one of you tech experts can help me with this?

    First off I have a really old computer and windows XP and I have the most basic internet connection from AT&T. It is impossible right now for me to switch providers, upgrade or get a new computer.

    Anyway, I'm having a really tough time loading maple and when I do I'm usually extremely laggy. 50% of the time it would spend a really long time on the
    loading screen and then DC with an error message "You have been disconnected from the log in server. Please try again later." and the times that it does load, it would often D/C me after putting in my PIC... I have tried getting game booster, but it doesn't seem to help at all. Any ideas on how I can get maple to at least load properly and not D/C me when I try to log in?

    Thanks :)

  2. Default Re: Need help with loading maple

    Have a look at my thread 1 or 2 below this one. I went over some basic steps I took to try to get maple running on an old machine.

    You mention basic internet, do you mean dial up? Unless you are trying to run maple off a 3g connection or something, any kind of basic cable/dsl shouldn't interfere with playing. I could get a lot deeper into this but I'll need to know what kind of connection you are paying for.

    Also, what are you computer specs?



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