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    Honestly I would rather this system to what we have now.

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    Words would not be enough for me to describe how much I'd love this.

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    So will this make primal essence easier to find? Or will it remind a rare drop

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    what is the different between kms farming and jms farming?

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    I have no idea, honestly. I've never tried going for Primal Essences.

    Um... The fact that it's entirely different? lol

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    Better question: Other than Monster Life/Ardentmill does KMS have anything even akin to farming?

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    Umm... Not as far as I know.

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    I thought so. I don't even know if that quote was referring to Monster Life OR Ardentmill and I still want that system so that I can farm more.

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    So...what do the monster cages do? You completely ignored them in the video.

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    I have no idea, as I've never delved into those two professions. If I had to guess, it would be for creating Monster Familiars out of caged mobs, but that's just a wild guess.

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    Wait. So does that mean JMS has an exclusive "monster capture" profession?

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    Yep. Huntsman and Tamer. In addition, Weapon & Armor crafting and accessory crafting were merged into a single profession.

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    I really don't like the familiar system, but I'd love for Accesory crafting and Smithing to be merged together.

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    Did you even watch the video?



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