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    So I'm level 111, and she has this black thunder attack that does 12k damage. Anywhere I've looked didn't mention damage in this magnitude. Is it a special attack for the mystic version, or am I still too weak?

    EDIT: OH and those damn skeletons that hit 9k touch. Are they powered up?

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    Mystic Hilla is basically the exact same thing as Hard Mode Hilla, minus the level and the fact that she gives no experience. The skeletons and ghosts are the same as well.

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    Minus the death cage attack too, but the exp reward from killing her for the daily quest is high. Most likely because I'm lvl 200 but, I get 64mil exp reward from killing her.

  4. Default Re: Mystic Hilla

    Do you mean 6.4 million?

  5. Default Re: Mystic Hilla

    Nope. I get 7.7m EXP at level 174.

  6. Default Re: Mystic Hilla

    It seems to be level based since I also get 64m.

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    Ohh must be good for level 190+ then. Does Quest 2x effect this at all?

  8. Default Re: Mystic Hilla

    I cant even survive, i enter the map, lag for a second, and die.

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    Hilla is a peach >:( Randomly decides to DR for funsies then everyone dies. + lag = everyone dies again.

  10. Default Re: Mystic Hilla

    Good way to watch for that is to wait for the 1st DR, and then she goes into cd mode. Generally speaking after 1 DR she dies afterwards (mostly thanks to hackers that kill her and making it harder for you). If you lag badly there, I don't have any real solutions lol.

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    All mystic gate boss quests give 3% exp regardless of your level. It's really nice for high level chars that are lazy and want some easy experience.

    Plus dying doesn't lose your exp.

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    Hmm, I think it might. The exp reward is given from Dr. Moon's quests inside those Mystic Fields.



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