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    This isn't some kind of event quest is it? Hidden-Street states that it isn't, but I just want to confirm it.

    MSEA doesn't have the quest for some reason, but if it's supposed to be a permanent addition it'll probably pop up sooner or later as we get more patches...

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    The DB exclusive mount? Yea, it is suppose to be a permanent DB feature.

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    It appeared for me as a star or light bulb on the side. No questing involved.

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    It will be out once you guys get Dual Blade revamp, which should be close to next month/March-ish. Can't really tell since all the update patterns are all messed up.

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    That's the problem. We do have the Dual Blade revamp right now so it doesn't make sense for it to be not there unless Asiasoft decided to remove it, but let's see if Hanabira can find it.

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    I'm lv120. It doesn't show in my quest list, doesn't show in the lightbulb...the only quest that's there is a quest to get another Maple Warrior skillbook.

    I've tried checking in Leafre and Kerning, checked Ryden, Syl and Dark Lord. Nada.

    My guess is that they screwed it up somehow; we can only hope that they'll inadvertently fix it somehow when they add in future patches.

    EDIT: They removed the quest, and just gave the mount right away. It's in the mount inventory...



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