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Thread: Troll?

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    Cash2 Troll?

    Didn't realize my own opinion made me a troll. F*ck you southperry staff. F*ck you society. America is on its way to some of the nastiest sh*t in world history. Why did I post this in shenanigans? Because if I posted anywhere else I'd get my thread closed or deleted for "trolling".

    Southperry is communist just like America will be, soon you'll see a plan that has been designed to enslave this country unfold and you'll have your throats slit by the people you've put your trust in.

  2. Default Re: Troll?

    Honestly, the fact is that you were too fixated on your opinion, refused to take in other people's view and brought up some pretty controversial issues. That does give people the opinion that you were trolling since you riled people up instead of promoting good discussion.

  3. Default Re: Troll?

    Your threads are flame baits. And I'm a moron for falling intro a trap every time. :(:(

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    Default Re: Troll?

    how about we both go our merry ways, and then whoever is wrong apologizes to the other party?

    also, i think you mean the united states, i'm in america yet have nothing to do with anything you posted.

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    Default Re: Troll?


    Agree to disagree and behave, is that so much to ask? Apparently it is.



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