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  1. Default A real Warrior revamp patch

    the adventurer warriors are old and behind other new warrior classes. they need a revamp, a buff and frankly we could use more content involving what started the whole game: adventurers.

    so i made my own patch =D

    Patch Summary(story, direction n stuff):

    Patch Notes(what got moved, nerfed, buffed, removed):

    Class Changes(the actual numbers)

    Dev Notes(read this if you're saying "wtp why did he do this here and that there so stupid"):

    reminder, this is a fan made patch. i made it just to show how easy it would be to bring adventurers up to snuff, and hopefully shown just how horrible it is that adventurers are treated like garbage. except crossbowmen.
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  2. Default Re: A real Warrior revamp patch

    I'm gonna think of more to say about this, I really like your revamp, the first I can say for any fan made revamp, though I got some complaints. I don't think some people might like Hero's Conscript that much, being restricted to only one enemy. Why not have them gain the effects, but at a reduced or halved rate. You got to note that some classes have a 1v1 attack already as their main bossing skill, so locking them to only one monster probably would be weird.

  3. Default Re: A real Warrior revamp patch

    Why would Dark Knights need an expert when they already have expert mastery bonus with Beholden? Also, why is rush removed for drks while it's moved to second job for other warriors?

  4. Default Re: A real Warrior revamp patch

    because I redesigned beholden. it doesnt have it anymore.

  5. Monster Truck Tire Straight Male
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    Default Re: A real Warrior revamp patch

    Sooo... Drk's have 60% total abnormal status resistance?
    Isn't that a little bit too much?

  6. Default Re: A real Warrior revamp patch

    iunno ask kaiser demon slayer and mihile

  7. Default Re: A real Warrior revamp patch

    Although I do have some minor gripes (Dark Impale was made because DKs were tired of using Fury/Crusher, so using Fury at all again would annoy me), I think this is pretty well made. Some aren't too balanced, but I like the ideas behind each class and having more varied rotations.

  8. Default Re: A real Warrior revamp patch

    Better than 20% status resiistance. As an Aran, that's for damn sure.

  9. Default Re: A real Warrior revamp patch

    I'd suggest Paladin's "HP Recovery" to be 10sec or so, as DS recovers 50% on a 5sec CD and they're near Paladin "Tanky" level.

  10. Default Re: A real Warrior revamp patch

    I feel like you just took everything that makes the non-Adventurer Warriors and gave them to Adventurer Warriors. The better idea would have been to give some to Adventurers (some of the basics you include: increased speed, increased critical, earlier Rush) and then take away some from the non-Adventurers (some of the status resistance, etc.). The way you did it was basically a heaping dose of extreme power creep.

    I like it but I don't like it overall. It's (mostly-- barring the power creep part) great design-wise, but balance-wise not so much. Of course, that is not to say it's balanced as it is now. I guess if you were trying to imitate how Nexon does it then it's a pretty good revamp, but otherwise I would still go against it.

  11. Default Re: A real Warrior revamp patch

    what a fun (and brief) discussion we had. <.<

    i doubt anyone actually knows how to get to this forum

  12. Default Re: A real Warrior revamp patch

    What do you mean?

    Did you want a discussion about more concepts/ideas? :D

    Because, I know I already have a massive trove of revamps for almost every single job (even the newest revamped Striker), and I'm willing to discuss about Adventurer Warrior Revamps.

  13. Default Re: A real Warrior revamp patch

    It was moved from general to the creative section so naturally it will get less visibility.

  14. Default Re: A real Warrior revamp patch

    ya i wouldve liked to get feedback and reasons why people think the way they do.

    also ya jamesie is right the thread is gonna die now

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    Default Re: A real Warrior revamp patch

    well, i had made my own DrK revamp a while back, the one big thing i don't like of this is the CD on roar.

  16. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Re: A real Warrior revamp patch

    Wanting a bigger audience does not justify putting a thread in the wrong subforum.

  17. Default Re: A real Warrior revamp patch

    You could always add this in Basil. You won't get a lot of intelligent comments, but it'll get a bigger audience.

  18. Default Re: A real Warrior revamp patch

    i do not think a "bring everyone down" revamp is possible anymore. as time has gone on and classes have come out with more and more stuff baseline, boss fights and mechanics have been balanced around having more of these stats. to cut everyone down to size would also mean peeling back maplestory to a simpler time. a simpler time where simple bosses could be beaten with simple classes. it just isnt the same game anymore.

    i feel its fine balance wise, if looked at in a vacuum of post-unlimited maplestory and comparing my revamped warriors to new warriors.

    it isnt that extreme, as a matter of fact I balanced each multi-target skill and bossing skill with their equivalents to other warriors, just to make sure it was equal or just under it(because not everyone should be 100% broken like kaiser).

    speaking of kaiser, despite all these "unbalanced" changes I made, kaiser still smashes (by at least double, mind you) the amount of hits and damage the adventurer warriors do.

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    Default Re: A real Warrior revamp patch

    The thread would be safer here and left to die rather than put in that cesspool.

    I like it! The overall idea of the story-line is great, but the nitty gritty numbers and "power-creep" (not really sure how to use this term, so I'll use it loosely) should have some work done to it. Also, I agree with Jamesie about being changed into a Non-Adventurer. But, with all the new bosses, the new content, and overall the new classes, it's going to be tough to keep up with those classes if we don't have stuff like % Abnormal status resistance. But, I also disagree that we're being COMPLETELY changed into a Non-Adventurer. Just look at those Beholden buffs. And the incorporation of Dark and Dragon together is also unique to us.

    Overall, good job! Now, if only a patch similar to this were incorporated orz

  20. Default Re: A real Warrior revamp patch

    @Kanji tyvm

    Did some editing, brought down alot of numbers. Realized some of the stuff was kaiser-level of "up there", and brought it down to DS/Mihile levels of power. Its probably not wise to try and bring classes up to Kaiser, since he really is the outlier in this situation.

    here are the changes, in case anyone is curious. OP is updated to reflect this.




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