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  1. Default Chaos Pierre...

    ... his attacks aren't too awfully hard to dodge, but his HP is just... too much

    From the looks of things I feel like we copied KoreaMS's Chaos Pierre's HP or something. The alloted 20 minutes doesn't seem anywhere enough to kill this guy.

  2. Default Re: Chaos Pierre...

    naa... there no way gms would copy kms chaos.. u know y? it has 640bil hp.... and that 4-5x more hp than hard mode magnus.....
    if that was kms chaos mode ...u guy wouldnt even do 1% of it hp

    i believe it 2.1bil hp maybe u was healing it? attacking on a same hat can heal the bosses... unless this boss may had 21bil hp

  3. Default Re: Chaos Pierre...

    All he did was walk around and hit us with his umbrella, and drop hats from the sky the whole entire 19 minutes. No healing or changing colors at all.

  4. Default Re: Chaos Pierre...

    Except he never even got to the point where it changed colors.
    Maybe it's not 630b, but according to Aslemn it's 63b.

  5. Default Re: Chaos Pierre...

    I don't think the Chaos Root Abyss bosses were meant to be duo'd tbh.

  6. Default Re: Chaos Pierre...

    I think we need another Limgoon video...


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    Default Re: Chaos Pierre...

    Hey totally underestimated it and wanted to give it a go. Even with 6 of him, it wouldn't work. :I

  8. Default Re: Chaos Pierre...

    Nor were they meant to be killed pre-unlimited.

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    Default Re: Chaos Pierre...

    Thats as far as me and @Dark Link; got in our duo

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    Default Re: Chaos Pierre...

    judging that this has a max of 6 people, the boss should be more or less impossible to the most part until the equipment change patch/damage cap increase hits I would think.

  11. Default Re: Chaos Pierre...

    what is your % str and sword att?

    also what is that pink dragon thing on your F12

  12. Default Re: Chaos Pierre...

    I guess thats another 6 months of waiting until the rest of unlimited hits and damage increases enough.

  13. Default Re: Chaos Pierre...

    That's probably Exclusive Spell (Nova's Echo of Hero)

  14. Default Re: Chaos Pierre...

    That's Nova Echo / "Exclusive Spell" as GMS puts it.



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