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    Hello all, I am looking to buy old collectable items that may not be easy to find. Please check your old accounts or characters for these as I will pay a reasonable price for them. I prefer them clean, at least average or better, no potential, no nebulite and no crafted or item tag on them. If it is any of the above, I may or may not want them but if you're not sure contact me and I will let you know. Also no anvil of them.

    LeFay Jester
    Pickpocket Pilfer
    Muey Thai String
    football steel helmet
    Android headgear
    Lockewood Hat

    Cloak of Corruption
    Shround of Zakum
    Wrath of El Nath

    Android Gloves

    Android Vest

    Stirgeman Power Skirt Mk II
    Android Legs

    Snail's Eye
    Crystal Leaf Earrings

    Circle of Ancient Strength
    Circle of Ancient Thought

    Android Boots
    Bow-tie (Black, Blue, Pink, Red, Yellow, Green)


    Black Crystal Blade
    Steel Pipe
    Golden Mace
    Duck Tube (Yellow)
    Sake Bottle
    Pooh Pooh Shovel
    Dragon's Fury
    Blue Metus
    Black Crow

    If you have any of these items contact PitifulHero/PaperWaste/PitifuiHero in game or leave a msg here or PM me.
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    Turns out I do have a Winkel (for self-ref it's on Pentanol; also self-ref the Black Hole and Toymaker Cap are on Beckery) which probably isn't for sale, and no idea if you're interested but I also have a Raven's Eye (level 80 xbow from NLC, as far as I recall it's a trade-in from Nightwalker badges so possibly still obtainable) which I can sell.

    Also have a Thermometer on Hero60wQRS (low level 2h sword) but probably not for sale.

    Fallen Leaf Earrings (on Bironic's 2nd mule)? I'm not sure whether or not these are desirable.

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    Yeah not interested in the Raven's Eye. Might in interested in Fallen Leaf Earring depending on price. PM me or msg me in game.

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