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  1. Default WonderKing and MapleStory

    Just curious. I was looking at other 2D sidescrollers and noticed a lot of similarities between features in these two games, but a number of them stood out in particular.

    1) World Maps

    2) Mounts

    3) Monster Cards.

    4) HP bars above monsters' heads

    Both games are also full of hackers, apparently, but that's sort of irrelevant.

    I understand that WonderKing came out after MapleStory did (2006 vs. 2003) but as most of us know, many of the updates that implemented the aforementioned features 1-4 in MS were only made much later after MS's initial release.

    I was wondering if anyone knew enough about both games to be able to say which game implemented what first. The possible implications of a Korean Zynga are sort of unsettling.

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    Is wonderking not closed since 2011?
    If there is a live server please link me to it, I enjoyed playing Wonderking very much.

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    The two games have always been "compared" but WonderKing has always been a plantain about it imho. WE HAVE PVP, MAPLE DOESN'T is pretty much what one of their advertisements said once.

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    Didn't Wonderking's development start earlier, but Maplestory got popular because it released before WonderKing?
    Anyways, both are silmiar, but both also are unique in their own ways.
    And I didn't even hear about how WonderkingEurope got shut down 1 1/2 years ago. Wow, my account lies in dusts. Can't say I played it seriously, trough. More like for lolz when I quit EMS, like, two years ago or something.
    Oh god, the PvP battles were so lolz. And I remember how my Knight (?, Defense Warrior class) was hit with 1's by enemys around 2x levels over. Lololo.

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    I do miss WonderKing sometimes. It was fun to play.

    I believe they said that they intended to bring the game back and that the game was taken down "temporarily" due to issues with the host (Ignited Games) and the developers not cooperating together or something...? The game was shut down in order to get those issues resolved and it was promised the game would come back with bigger and better updates. I have no idea if that'll actually be brought to fruition or not, though.

    I remember finding the Japanese version of the game many years ago, back before the English version was released. In fact, I still remember the English version's release. @Loose was the Southperry pioneer for the English version of the game. :P

    It's too bad the Japanese version of the game closed down permanently a long time ago. The emotes were a lot cooler.

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    Default Re: WonderKing and MapleStory

    I really enjoyed WonderKing as a paladin. A berserker and I worked together to get our best equipment sets and defeat each of the bosses.
    I miss that game alot.

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    Tenvi is similar to MapleStory. But then again the game was created by former Wizet devs.

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    Another awesome side-scroller game that got canned in Japan. :( I miss playing that game, too, though I was only stuck with Malaysians/Singaporeans in a guild that kept calling me by the Chinese readings of the Kanji in my name, which confused the hell out of me every time they tried talking to me. lol

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    Wonderking had the HP bars, Mounts, and Monster Cards since as long as I could remember from back in 2010(?) when it was released in NA for the first time. Mounts were usually an event thing though if I recall correctly, and not really cash shop items.

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    Default Re: WonderKing and MapleStory

    One of the things I can remember from Wonderking is the possibility of de-leveling

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    Wonderking really was fun. I wish they would just bring it back again. ; - ;
    One good thing wonderking also had were free fm shops I think.

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    I enjoyed playing Wonderking as a berserker. Kinda reminds me of kaiser now that I think of it. (only slightly) But it gets bland fast, unfortunately. Hackers were EVERYWHEREEEE.

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    Default Re: WonderKing and MapleStory

    It might go back to live but I really doubt. If so, I'll probably have another game to play.

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    I tried it right after quitting maple. The game was so lagy for me that I forced myself to quit gaming for a year, more or less.
    It had fun stuff though, how scrolls worked and I think you couldn't just spam 1 button... so it was more interesting than maple. I don't think I ever got past level 30... but the first 30 levels were ok.

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    I played it back for a bit back when it was supposed to be kind of a "better" Maple with a better leveling pace and better features overall. I liked it, but it definitely would struggle to compete with Maple today since most of its features are outdone by Maple.

    Also, most of the features you pointed out are staples of most MMOs, so I don't get where you were going with that.

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    I lost my main account in the ingnited switch-over so I doubt I would come back.

    My poor cape collection. :( RIP wonder capes and special fans.

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    Wonderking had the best looking daggers. Loved my thief.

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    Dem memories

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    I can see Nexon mingling its hands in this issue to keep it unresolved

    This is prolly the only time I've wished Nexon acquired a company. Maybe that way it would get back into business.

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    Actually, I remember something about Nexon acquiring Wonderking or something along those lines. There was a lot of butthurt going on in the official forums related to that.

    Also. I loved my thief (dagger), but the class was weaker than pomegranate. Took like ~4 skill cycles to take anything out. Then I switched to Paladin aka badass mofo. Breezed through the levels with him. Good times.



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