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  1. Basic0 B> Warrior Tyrant (Hyades) Belt! Paying well~

    Hey guys, I'm looking for someone selling a Warrior Tyrant belt and cape!

    Be sure to leave a price and we can negotiate from there; you can either PM me or whisper me in game to my IGN Parfit.

    I'm looking for mainly trading NX codes for the item but we may be able to work out something if it's required.

    No, I will not go first in trades; the last time I trusted someone and went first they ran off with the payment, never to be seen again and I'd like to avoid that. >_> Fear not though, I'm one of the most trusted in Windia and I can provide vouchers if it is required.

    Some other IGNs I have are SoaringHonor, Cista and FaithfulAran; if any of those ring a bell.

    Let me know as soon as you can if you're interested in selling one! Thanks for reading this. :)
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  2. Default Re: B> Warrior Tyrant (Hyades) Belt and Cape! Paying well~

    Hey guys, just thought I'd post again for others to see. I also need a warrior tyrant cape as well as the belt.

    I'm willing to pay in pure mesos, NX and/or from an assortment of valuable items I have. Let me know if you're interesting in selling either or possibly both! Thanks.

    You can contact me here or in game; my IGN on there is Parfit.



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