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  1. Default Questions concerning Heroes, Paladins and Dark Knights(paging JoeTang)

    1. How does Berserk work? Does it literally just multiply all the damage you do by 0.6? Is there anything else I should know about this skill that is hard to find out?

    2. How does Advanced Combo Attack work? Does it just double your damage? Why does hte animation show a total of 10 combo orbs, but the skill description mentions nothing?

    3. Does Chance Attack(Crusader) work exactly the same as Righteous Indignation(Mihile)? Chance is worded as 125% damage to blinded, etc, etc enemies, where Mihiles just says "Damage: +25% to enemies in abnormal status" Do they effect damage differently, or is it just a case of archaic skill description? If they do not behave the same, then which is better?

    4. How does Holy Charge work? It literally says "Damage: +150%." Does that mean its literally just increases your damage by 150%?

    5. Does Soul Charge work differently from Holy Charge? it just says "Damage: +30%." If this works differently from Holy Charge, which one is better?


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  2. Default Re: Questions concerning Heroes, Paladins and Dark Knights(paging JoeTang)

    As far as I know, Berserk's just a damage multiplier that turns off at low HP.
    ACA is 10% extra damage per orb (casting it doesn't increase damage by itself, you need to charge orbs), and stacks additively with crit bonuses. So 30~50% crit and 200% ACA is 230~250% damage. With CO, it's increased to 11%/orb.
    I think CA is the same, haven't played a Mihile. On my Hero it does multiply with everything as far as I know, but I don't have total damage or %atk bonuses.
    Holy Charge is a 50% damage increase, that stacks with Lightning Charge. I'm not sure of the current state - for a while that meant you would get 50%+12.5% (half of Lightning's bonus) but I think it's now the full amount of Lightning. It also has elemental advantage on non-bosses which means damage gets multiplied by 1.5.
    Soul Charge is the same as Holy Charge in every regard except the basic percent, so Holy's just better for being higher.

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    Default Re: Questions concerning Heroes, Paladins and Dark Knights(paging JoeTang)

    certifying the first two that stereo posted, and adding that zerk doesn't affect summons, and the multiplier is 1.6x (or adds 0.6x of your damage, which is probs what you meant)



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