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Thread: Dray86's AMA

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    Sorry for being late, as this didnt really catch my attention until today (the day after)

    Dray86, the Maple Kombat guy is/was doing an AMA on reddit yesterday. He said he is answering more questions today as well so hopefully he will be back.

    You can read it up here

    (this shouldn't count as advertising mod peoples)

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    He's about to blow the torch. Sucks as he's one of the coolest maple animators and video creators I saw back in the day.

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    He had some killer videos back in the day. We had some mutual friends, he would always be mobbed with people. I still think I have ButterCast sitting on my BL too... (yeah i got a ton of people who don't even log)

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    Back in time, he was probably the only person that wasn't high in the ranking but was still widely recognized among maplers. That's something amazing...

    Also, I like his RL pics on the facebook page.

    Offtopic: I forgot you are #12 in Rankings. It's gonna suck for you if they don't keep pre-250 ranking after they increase the cap.



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