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  1. Default Von leon equipments

    I have never fought von leon but im wondering if the sets are good enough/worth the time and effort in getting them.

    Also, how do i get them after the LKC revamp(to a theme dungeon)

  2. Default Re: Von leon equipments

    I don't really think it's worth the effort because that set would restrict you quite a bit and the effects aren't all that great. You just have to finish the theme dungeon and get the item for entry along the way as normal.

    Set reference:


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    Default Re: Von leon equipments

    The set effect isn't bad, but it is easily outclassed by the Empress Set. I am not sure how much the gear sells for, but you can farm charm by buying gloves and equipping them.

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    so are there any alternatives for my mercedes? i dont plan on spending too much on her and i want an at least decent set that gives enough boost to go for bosses like zakum and hilla. :/

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    I should point out though that the price of Cygnus items is ridiculously expensive where we are or this wouldn't even be an issue. Even with staffs not being as popular as other Cygnus weapons the price would still be absurdly out of the budget of most.

    EDIT: My Phantom has mostly self-crafted equipments with three exceptions being the 15% Bunny Mask I got for a trade with a Cyclops Shoulderpad, an 3% all stat Spectrum I bought and cubed plus a unique 9% damage Carte Finale. Rather than looking for the sets which you'd have to pot anyway you might want to give crafting a try since the bosses you mentioned shouldn't be much of a problem for a Merc with some decent equips.

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    If you need the gear from von Leon to beat Zakum and Hilla, you won't be able to solo von Leon, that's for sure.
    Doing it on another character is also out of the question since you'd need to use scissors on the pieces to trade, which makes it extremely not worth it.

    I think you'd be way better of getting a lvl 100 Tempest set from the Tempest shop, if you have that event now (or soon). If you get a full set you could trade out the weapon for a higher lvl one since there is 1 piece more han needed available. The Tempest weapons come at epic on reveal though.

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    It's impossible fpr at least 6 months more since that's the estimated time for Tempest to hit MSEA. As stated by Curtiss, it's probably better to craft your equips and pot it to the max seeing that the cost of Empress equips are just so high with the cheapest being the gloves going for around 400mil if you're lucky and having the hat, overall and weapon going over max messos. As for buying Von Leon items, it seems near impossible since there isn't anyone selling it and you probably won't be able to solo Von Leon, making it even harder as there's barely a trace of anyone going Von Leon anymore.

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    Default Re: Von leon equipments

    Getting a Tempest set is out of question (for now at least).

    Plus, we don't even know if we will get Tempest set at all. MSEA nerfed these coins event everytime by increasing the price of those coin shop items, nerfing event quests that give coins (or we just don't get em at all), and lots of stuff gone missing from the shop. So we don't even know if we would be able to get the set despite farming it for the entire event duration using multiple characters.

    Oh, if you have the time you probably want to aim at the Legendary High Knight set from Vampire Castle a.k.a Dark Kiddy Kiddy Raid which is in MSEA right now. That set gives 45 W.Atk and a lot of stats. Though if you sell all those crafting materials you would probably able to afford 1 or 2 Empress Weapon already.

    Each piece of material worth 20m right now in Cassiopeia and it requires at least 1000. There's at least 20 bil there.



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