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  1. Default Cash Shop 90% OFF event

    My question is, how do you know if your account qualifies for the event? Is the 90% off listed all across your account or do you have to make a purchase with the regular price to find out if they gave you a discount?

    I have a lot of accounts but not sure if they qualify.

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    Oh and another question, is the stuff giftable to other accounts? Thanks.

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    It's blatantly obvious when you go into cash shop on an account that has the sale active.
    Nothing is giftable. Things cannot be purchased with Maple Points using the sale (from my experience).

    Despite what the event details said, you supposedly can buy cubes (pictured) individually on sale. I had 150 maple points on one of my accounts and could not purchase a regular miracle cube for 110 nx.
    Additionally, you do not need to have the full amount of NX for the non-sale price. I bought a 35 gach ticket pack (I wanted some nebs D8) for 3knx with only a 25k card redeemed on my account.

    Keep in mind they made it hard to exploit this, or at least they did from what I can see.
    I can't charge NX via Credit Card/Paypal on any of the accounts with the event "active" (so I can't buy single 5knx packages to maximize profit). And when I bought a 25k karma koin online, thinking I could redeem just 1-2k of it as needed, it skipped the quantity option and instantly loaded the entire card on my mule, much to my dismay. (You probably could load ~23k or whatever you desire to a "main" account and load the rest onto your mule, but that also means you CAN'T load 1-2k on EVERY mule like I initially planned for).

    tl;dr It's obvious if you go into cash shop and no, you can't gift anything with the sale price.
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    Default Re: Cash Shop 90% OFF event

    It will say the discounted price instead of the normal price in the cash shop if you qualify

    And no, they aren't giftable.

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    Another thing I left out: when you go to buy NX via Paypal/Credit Card, it says your account is "Under Suspicion" and you can't do that (while your account has the sale). This also means you can't do surveys/free offers for mass profits.

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    Karma Koin cards bought online do not have the option of being able to charge in increments into your nexon account. Physical cards bought from a store, however, do. If you are blocked from purchasing NX through nexon's website, you can still charge it through steam. Download Vindictus on steam and attempt to buy a character slot, you'll be prompted to add NX to your account through steam wallet, which completely bypasses the suspicion error you get on nexon's site.

  6. Default Cash Shop 90% OFF event

    Did they change something? I was able to charge 5k to two accounts through PayPal just fine for the 90% off sale.

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    >Does not see such sale.

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    Does anyone know if this works with the marvel machine? I would assume no because it is not in the chash shop, but if anyone could confirm that would be great.

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    something wrong with your acct then. i charged 4k each to 2 accounts using a 10k karma card for 2 mules with the 90% discount. i used that to buy 11pack premium css on each account for 3.4k each.

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    That was just all my personal experience, I'll have to get some real cards then.
    At least school has started again to give me an excuse to get out.
    Thanks for the help on my theory of the 90% sale.
    More sidenotes: I tested on accounts that used "blacklisted" email addresses, which made them under suspicion, I guess. (the person who made these used emails)

    sorry for my mistakes :x

    Also, from what I remember, Marvel isn't part of the sale.
    Best deals as far as I can tell include:
    - 35 Gachapon Tickets
    - 11 Premium Suprise Style Boxes
    - 30 Day Hired Merchant
    - Return/Superior Protection Scrolls
    - 2 Vicious Hammer (you may prefer 50% hammers + slating, but for 850 nx it isn't too bad)

    Anything I missed?

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    Honestly, I firmly believe Premium Surprise Style is the best way to make mesos with this event. For $3.40 you can get a lot of mesos selling the permanent cash shop equipment. And if you get something rare, like Luminous Cape (I got one so it's definitely in there), you're in for a pot of mesos.

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    If the discount is on your main account then the Perm Persian package might be a good choice as well.

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    I thought that would be the best profit.. but.. I don't like selling NX clothes.

    I encountered an issue. While that worked and was great for my fm mule account with a level 30+, for my randy mules.... Not so much..

    So just a warning to anyone: have a level 30. :c

    (yeah yeah yeah, I need to get some prepaid nx Karma Koins)

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    Could someone link to the announcement about this event, my Google skills seem poor?
    I went into CS on one character (after taking so long to get in that I thought the game would crash) and there were several items 90% off.
    I bought a permanent persian cat package for under 2k, and as soon as I did that, all the items went back to their regular price.
    I went back into CS on other chars, but there were no more 90% off items. Tried another account, and saw nothing (but no NX on that account anyway).
    Is this a random thing, once per account, or once per day, or what?
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    Default Re: Cash Shop 90% OFF event

    First purchase on an account that never bought anything in the Cash Shop before.
    Which is why it went away after you bought one thing, and wouldn't show up on other chars on the same account.
    As for the other account, I assume you bought something on it, sometime in the past.

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    No, that can't be quite right. The account I saw this on was my main account fresh off a one-month autoban. I have bought loads of items before, and wouldn't have had card nx ready to use on it otherwise.

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    It's for people who haven't spent nx this year (2013) and it only applies to the first purchase you make on the account.


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    That's what they say but only one of my accounts has the discount. I have no idea why the others wouldn't



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