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    Default 7 Event Stamps - Imperial Duke Crown

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    After receiving 7 event stamps, I got a quest to get an Imperial Duke Crown. I thought everything would be fine since the quest giving out a positive chaos scroll for having 3 stamps worked fine. Instead of an Imperial Duke Crown, I got a Devil Hat. What's even worse is that it expires, and it doesn't even last 90 days, it lasts 7 days.

    Also, does anyone know if the Imperial Crown/Cape from the event card worked properly in KMS, and if so, were they permanent?

    Images of problem

  2. Default Re: 7 Event Stamps - Imperial Duke Crown

    It worked fine, and yeah it was permanent.

    There was also the Imperial Duke Wing for 11 stamps.

  3. Default Re: 7 Event Stamps - Imperial Duke Crown

    Wow. So even if you do get the stamps for the crown, it's just gonna give you a derpy devil horns that expire in 7 days? I wonder what they'll give out for 11 stamps.

  4. Default Re: 7 Event Stamps - Imperial Duke Crown

    I'm pretty sure the problem is that the imperial items aren't even in the game. A MapleArchive search just gives some placeholder icons.

  5. Default Re: 7 Event Stamps - Imperial Duke Crown

    Sorry if this is a necro. I went through the game items and they are indeed in the data. Just search them within MapleMe if you want to confirm. Nexon has no excuse to give us broken items when they are actually present in the client.



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