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    Default Maple Museum Master drops.

    Ok I searched and I could not find anything about this, while doing the quest i seem to get 2 of the same items in the fossil, i.e Primal dropping and Poop, they both go into the same slot. Is it left over data from an old quest or is there some purpose for this?


  2. Default Re: Maple Museum Master drops.

    It is the same for fruit, you can get lusterous versions.
    My guess is that the buff you recive will be better if you fill the museum with Llsterous fruits/primal fossils.

  3. Default Re: Maple Museum Master drops.

    Sorry if this is off topic. I was wondering if anyone had the same problem as I did where you get the same fruit over and over again. I spent about 30 minutes trying to get the grapes yesterday cause I kept getting melons.=/ Is there a trick to getting the fruit you need?

  4. Default Re: Maple Museum Master drops.

    I think if you get 10 unripe fruit or whatever you can choose which fruit you want.

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    Default Re: Maple Museum Master drops.

    Yup. I can confirm that it lets you choose what you want.

  6. Default Re: Maple Museum Master drops.

    How do you get the unripe fruit? =/
    I know that for the fish one you can get fish eggs to exchange for 1 fish. But I don't seem have the option for the unripe fruit. >.<
    Are the unripe fruits the non-lustrous ones?

  7. Default Re: Maple Museum Master drops.

    When u pick up a black fish/fruit/fossil with a question mark on it, there's a chance that you will get 1 of those 'collect 10 for a museum piece' use item.

  8. Default Re: Maple Museum Master drops.

    Well, i decided to fill my museum with all lustrous/primal....and got nothing different.

  9. Default Re: Maple Museum Master drops.

    The only ones that come with question mark is the fish one. The fruit and fossil quest drop the basket. I've literally opened like 70+ baskets each time to complete the quest and no "collect 10" use items...T_T
    I swear the quest must be glitched for me or something...

  10. Neutron Straight Male
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    Default Re: Maple Museum Master drops.

    Baskets never give the collect 10 item. They only give a random fruit/fossil. As for question mark fish/fruit/fossils, they either give you an item you need, or they give you a collect 10 item.

  11. Proton
    IGN: ixgenLx
    Server: Scania
    Level: 200
    Job: Angelic Buster
    Guild: Influence
    Alliance: Prestige

    Default Re: Maple Museum Master drops.

    No, they all drop with questions marks. The fruit one is a black pear shape with a yellow question mark. The fossil one looks like a black oval with a yellow question mark on it. I can confirm that they do drop as I've completed the Meseum plenty of times now. I did manage to complete the fruit one without using the ten seeds. I obtained my last fruit by hitting those random trees that appear in different maps.

  12. Default Re: Maple Museum Master drops.

    I haven't gotten a question mark item from fruits/fossils yet. This is what I've been getting. What am I doing wrong? :(

    EDIT: Oh I think I realized it... I haven't been hunting the right monsters...stupid me lol



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