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  1. Default [STEAM] What do you play the most?

    Steam logs how many hours you play a certain game. I was looking over mine and I was kind of surprised at the numbers I saw.

    Hours I've spent on the games I own:

    Team Fortress 2: 302 hours (not counting several profile resets)
    Mass Effect 2: 59 hours
    Skyrim: 23 hours
    CSS: 21 hours
    Shoot Many Robots: 15 hours
    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare: 13 hours
    Dota 2: 11 hours
    Torchlight 2: 10 hours
    Borderlands: 9 hours
    Mark of the Ninja: 8 hours
    Bastion: 7 hours
    Portal 2: 7 hours
    Hitman: Blood Money: 6 hours
    CSGO: 5 hours
    Awesomenauts: 5 hours
    Portal: 3 hours
    Scribblenauts Unlimited: 3 hours
    Orcs Must Die! 2: 2 hours
    World of Goo: 1 hour

    Everything else is negligible. Apparently I own Cave Story+ and I've never played it. I've heard it's good.

    If I had to estimate other games I play/used to play a lot, too:

    MapleStory: Easily 2000-3000 hours
    S4 League: My main account says 500 hours, but I've had several smurfs with plenty of time on them so ~700 hours
    League of Legends: ~300 hours

    It's scary how much time I spend on games. :|

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    play cave story+

    play it right now

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    I play DotA2 the most. By far. 851.3 on my main account right now(1k total).
    Then there's a lot of RPGs varying between 20 and 100 hours.
    And TF2 at around 200 hours.
    To list them:


    Numbers are in hours.
    I play a lot of non-steam games too though, so yea.

    Edit: Oh and i used a lot of time playing "Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines" outside of steam due to the steam version bugging up for me some time back, prolly got around 200 hours into replaying that.
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    Dota2 122hours.
    I don't play anything else that much, all other games have 20hours tops.

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    ... I'm afraid if I post how much time I put into speed running Cave Story+ I'd get shot... .-.

    Cave Story+ [Main account: 5 hours][My Other Steam Account: 1132 hours]
    MapleStory [5000 hours easy]
    League of Legends [3000 hours]

    That's about it. .-.

    I usually play Cave Story + when i'm Afking or waiting on to boss on Maple.

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    How the heck have you got 1137 hours on cave story, the game is like, 4 hours long. . Lots of afking leaving it open?...

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    Default Re: [STEAM] What do you play the most?

    I've got over 300 hours in Terraria.
    Portal 2's got about 30+ hours.
    Portal about 15 hours?

    Most of my other games have been untouched... for now.

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    I play MapleStory the most, but not through Steam, so obviously that's missing here.

    Full list

    ...I play a lot of different games. >_>

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    MapleStory: 1953.6 Hours
    Terraria: 134.9 Hours
    Borderlands: 98.4 Hours
    Dungeon Defenders: 70.3 Hours
    Super Meat Boy: 61.0 Hours
    Borderlands 2: 45.9 Hours
    Orcs Must Die 2: 39.8 Hours
    Team Fortress 2: 38.7 Hours
    Plants vs Zombies: 33.4 Hours
    Orcs Must Die: 29.0 Hours
    Torchlight: 25.9 Hours
    Torchlight 2: 25.5 Hours
    Bastion: 24.3 Hours
    Trine: 12.6 Hours
    Beat Hazard: 11.8 Hours
    Magicka: 9.9 Hours
    Sequence: 9.9 Hours
    Trine 2: 8.6 Hours
    A Valley Without Wind: 6.8 Hours

    There's more, but not really noteworthy for the time being as they're <5 hours.

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    Speed running, testing spots, glitching areas, testing how to kill bosses faster with x or how x happens when y happens etc.

    My fastest time on Hard was probably 3 hours? I suck at the game in speed running, but I'm trying my best to get better .-.

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    Default Re: [STEAM] What do you play the most?

    Top 5 most played:

    MapleStory: 178.5 hours (would be a LOTlOtLoTlot higher if it didn't stop working on Steam for me)
    Terraria: 139.4 hours
    Team Fortress 2: 76.4 hours
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: 61.7 hours
    Saints Row: The Third: 39 hours

    the rest, >3 hours

    Somehow Steam went corrupt a couple months ago and when uninstalling it to reinstall it, I was a dummy and forgot to move/backup all my game files. So I lost all my game downloads and haven't felt like redownloading a lot of them. In other words, I'd have more hours on a lot of the games but am too lazy to redownload.

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    When I enjoy a game I play the hell out of it and sometimes frequently return to it later on. Once Starbound comes out, I expect to log just as many hours on it as Terraria, if not many more. I don't know why that game pulls me and my friends in so much. Skyrim will probably soon jump over 200 hours when Dragonborn comes out on PC, and Borderlands 2, considering I haven't even scratched Hammerlock's DLC yet.

    Note: I only put the ones that have over 20+ hours, cause if it has less, it's not enough of a substantial investment of time to me.

    Game Times

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    Most of my stuff is <20, but moople stands out at 307 hours.

    I actually need to finish a non-portal game on Steam one day.

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    The main game is maybe 3-4 hours long, but Cave Story+ has quite a bit of replayability. Get all upgrades on a 2nd playthrough, Curly Mode, speed run Hell mode, Boss Rush mode, Wind Fortress. I've got like 15-20 hours on it.

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    Everything above 10 hours of play time:

    Team Fortress 2: 1887 Hours
    Dungeon Defenders: 178 Hours
    Left 4 Dead 2: 114 Hours
    Killing Floor: 102 Hours
    Plants Vs. Zombies: 35 Hours
    Borderlands: 29 Hours
    Left 4 Dead: 26 Hours
    Portal 2: 24 Hours
    Terraria: 17 Hours
    Sonic Generations: 13 Hours
    Poker Night at the Inventory: 12 Hours
    Torchlight II: 11 Hours

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    I know, but still, there is a big difference between running it through a few times, and the equiivlant of playing the game for long enough to clear it some 280 times.

    Everything I have that's been played for >5 hours.

    It's kinda sad that of the 180-something steam games I have, only 21 of them have even seen 5 hours of playtime. I had non - steam versions of Arkham Asylum, and AC REvelations and 3, so those are probably in the 20 h oursish region too.

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    Dota 2 639.7
    Spiral Knights 619.8
    Sonic Generations 20.2
    Dungeon Defenders 18.9
    Bastion 17.7
    L.A. Noire 15.9
    Cave Story+ 13.9
    Super Meat Boy 10.2
    Team Fortress 2 7.5

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    MapleStory is not listed but I have over 3000-4000 hours for sure total if I had been using it since I started playing.

    Besides that I got only two games:
    Terraria: 463 hours.
    The Binding of Isaac: 157 hours.

  19. Default Re: [STEAM] What do you play the most?

    Wasted Money


    Edit: Some things are off a little bit. I have played a few games that report 0 hours.



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