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  1. Default Luminous vs Evan vs I/L Mage?

    Who is the best mage unfunded.
    I mainly want DPS and I have basically no funds I would possibly be open to buying nx but I have like no mesos.

  2. Default Best Pirate Class Maplestory?

    Jett, Mechanic, Corsair, Buccaneer, Cannoneer and Angel Buster.
    Which is the best out of these unfunded.

  3. Default Re: Demon Slayer vs Kaiser?

    This is like the 4th thread you make asking the same thing all with different classes and being unfunded...

    You could do some research or even try the chars in the game. Not really hard.

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    Default Re: Demon Slayer vs Kaiser?

    Yo, stop making new threads.

  5. Default Re: Demon Slayer vs Kaiser?

    What the.... just check a DPS chart or try playing them...

    In my opinion of fun (not damage)
    mages: Lumi > Evan > i/l
    pirate: AB > Bucc > Mech/Sair > Cannoneer > Jett
    Warrior: Kaiser > DS

  6. Default Re: Demon Slayer vs Kaiser?

    Kaiser. It's really fun for me.

  7. Default Re: Demon Slayer vs Kaiser?


    I haven't played all those classes, but of the ones I have:

    Lumi > Evan > N/A
    AB > Cannoneer > Jett > N/A > N/A
    DS > Kaiser



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