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    Since Angelic buster doesnt seem to have booster:

    1. Is she still effect by SI?
    2. Is Soul Shooter fast 4 or 5?

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    Yes. She is also affected by inner ability attack speed bonuses.

    Irrelevant. Fast #s are based on the weapon itself. What's important is the delay of the skill. The Slow/Normal/Fast #s indicate how much the delay of the skill will be affected. If a skill is 500ms, normal speed will keep it at 500ms. Fast speeds will reduce that number, making the delay smaller, and of course, slow will make that number bigger, making the cast time of the skill longer.

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    Why is it irrelevant when it still changes the attack speed? For example I can feel the difference from having fast 5 or fast 4 on my mercedes while using stunning strike, so why wouldnt it matter? And I was asking about all soul shooter weapons not just one (or well empress one to be more clear)

    To make it less clumpy: I want to know if soul shooter weapons are fast 4 or 5 because it DOES make a difference, mostly towards the 140 version and tempest soul shooter.

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    Oh. Oops. My bad. I was thinking "Soul Shooter" was Soul Seeker or something.

    I think they're Normal 6. I'll look them up.

    Edit : Oh. They all seem to be Fast 5.

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    Thanks, didnt know which extraction to look at for it, I will search more next time I got a question like this.

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    Yes, SI does work with Angelic Buster.



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