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  1. Default Interested in joining a Khaini guild.

    I am recently restarting back up in Khaini, and am looking for a good guild for my Angelic Buster.

    I am originally from Khaini but left in 2010 ish.

    I used to play a Night Lord and have been in various old guilds like ZWarriors, Vortex, Kami.

    Also am interested in bossing as I haven't killed anything past ht before :c

    If not a social guild is still great! Am pretty lonely in Khaini.

    Little info:

    My name is Hanae and I am 20 year old. Also really like programming and web design.

    (Sorry to plug, if this is against rules tell me.) I run mapleme and perion corner and am quite active ingame too :3

    I am 20 and also Japanese but live in Europe . ( sorry if bad English )

    If you ever saw SoPointless years ago, that was me!

    Thank you if you consider me, I just want to settle into Khaini again.

    (Foxino if you see this I do still visit deme on my MM from time to time)

    My IGN is Ragnaryuu.

  2. Default Re: Interested in joining a Khaini guild.

    Hm. That sounds familiar to me. But I don't think we ever talked. Zwarriors was a guild I was in under Geminidawn. Really the only good guild I can recommend is sushiology or contagious that I know about.

  3. Default Re: Interested in joining a Khaini guild.

    Ahh I recognise that IGN. Were you ever in irresistible? (Sp)

    Thanks for the recommendations. I'm surprised contagious is still around. Do you know who I can contact to join?

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    I knew you, mostly through Mible (Nicole), when you called yourself Steve and then when you switched persona to Sophie (or if it was the other way around?). And now Hanae?
    I'd advertise my own guild but it is pretty dang dead.

    Good luck finding a nice guild though.

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    Lol yea I remember that. I used to be so afraid of telling people my identity online. Wondering how people would react to an actual girl playing online scared me :c but am long since over that. And even though your guild is quiet I would be interested, I remember you! You had a different IGN before and guild was nocturne?

    Edit: if it helps clear up Sophie was my nick in school since people had problems pronouncing Hanae.

  6. Default Re: Interested in joining a Khaini guild.

    Yea, My NL was named Cyrgon back then.



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