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  1. Cash4 Sandy Hook Shooting Exposed

    Friend just sent me this on facebook, it gave me the chills.... It's 30 minutes long but I suggest if you do start to watch, watch until the end.

    The scariest part for me was all of the websites....

    Thoughts on this?

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    although i'm not a fan of conspiracy theories, there are some good points.

    EDIT: just went through and did some light research, and read the comments here. just another conspiracy theory mang
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    There are so many idiotic things in just the first 10 mins I don't think I can watch it all.
    His English also bothers me.

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    I'm still watching, and try to keep an open mind on both sides. Don't know what to think so far though. There's been a lot of talk about these conspiracies lately, and typically, where there's smoke....there's a fire. No matter how small.

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    I do admit the beginning sucks. But it honestly gets better with giving proof and what not. Not forcing you to watch though d:
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    The thing that bothers me the most about conspiracy theories, ghosts, paranormal pomegranate and so on, is that it's crap that can be explained easily. Both explanations, the ones I might give and the ones given by conspiracy theorist, are still assumptions. There are so many reports, and so many mistakes could've been done, that most of it just crumbles apart. Facebook and website creation dates might be explained in several ways, especially since I experienced many bugs with the dates of what I and others posted. Mostly when saying "Happy new year" but it was dated 31 December 2012. I haven't checked recently but some of those posts were still dated wrong after a couple of weeks.
    Also, if I were to ignore all that, his logic confuses me: "This is true, this happened and was reported by news" to later on change his mind and say "Don't believe what news tell you." It reminds me of all the awful essays I had to check for classmates last semester, people start with an idea and then completely bash it and destroy it later on; yet they still expect that the conclusion that they're trying to reach will be valid.
    It's the same with this theory. What makes it more awful is that he makes a joke out of a tragedy just to try and prove his absurd conclusion. Anyway, I won't discuss the ending... gun control threads annoy me.
    I didn't like it and the narrator's English bothered me, but at least it gave me something to do for about 45minutes.

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    I've heard some theories here and there regarding this as well as other things (9/11, columbine, etc).
    While I may not believe 100% of it, I do think there are tons of events and plans taking place that we as the general public are not being told, when we do have every right to know.

    The Vatican and Rothschild Banking Dynasties as well as some others seem extremely suspicious to me.
    That being said, life's too short for me to be overly concerned with such conspiracies.
    It doesn't hurt to be wary of them, though..

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    Okay finished the video (took me a while because I made dinner half-way through), and I don't really agree or disagree with it. I picked up on a few things which I do find a little disturbing though... such as how often these massacres/shootings seem to be happening now, and how eerily coincidental it was that all of these major events just so happen to have an exercise PERTAINING TO THE CRISIS THAT ACTUALLY OCCURS on the same day. Not to mention the supposed facebook accounts/pages being made before the event in question even occurred. @Words; I can understand your doubting it because of say a technical issue that incorrectly shows the date, but one of the donation pages was made FOUR DAYS before the incident. There's no way in hell that could have been just a simple glitch.

    I don't know. Some of this stuff strikes me, and some of it I find bogus. I honestly get a bad feeling for where this country (world,even) is headed in the next 10 years...

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    I completely agree with you. I don't believe 100% of it at all. It's a little frightening that something like this could be possible. The world is not what it used to be... but maybe I'm too open-minded of a person, I don't know.

    I've never heard of the Vatican and Rothschild Banking Dynasties, I'll have to check it out.

    I also agree with this. I think of the future for this country way too much to know what's good for me, but is that not what we need these days? People who are concerned about the future? Whoops, went a little off topic here, but thought I'd share my opinion.

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    Ah yeah, that's the other thing that I wanted to point out. They're called coincidences. Every conspiracy theory depends on at least 1 of those.

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    MMh you'll probably have to do a bit of digging on those two. Looking into GMOs and the company Monsanto is also good to know about, since it does effect the general public directly.
    Knowledge is never a bad thing, especially if it concerns your own well-being.

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    Twilight fan fiction slash mommy porn became a New York Times Best Seller, I think that society reaching a "lower" point is strictly subjective at this point; much like slinging feces at one another and debating who smells the nicest.

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    I tend to enjoy your debates, but...mind being a bit less vague? Unless it's just going completely over my head.

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    Also what's wrong with Monsanto, if anything you should be upset with how out politicians/investors treat farmers causing them to sell arable land to developers who want to turn the land into mega-malls and other industries to turn a buck for entrepreneurs to raise the local quality of life in the area. That or the land turns into residential area to house more people to pay taxes to finance local government. But consuming genetically modified organisms are heinous and unnatural. God forbid our plants used to be natural and not artificially crossed for centuries like corn used to be for hundreds of years before the panicles were stable enough to not crumble from the wind and the pollen could actually have enough sustenance to cross-pollinate a nearby silk without drying out. But now we're talking about something entirely different now aren't we when we use plasmid transformation in order to insert desirable genes for insecticide, growth, and other phenotypes that could increase plant rigor in supposedly limited conditions. We should have all our food organic for christ's sake! Well too bad because the USA does not have appropriate labeling measures and plus, organic food comes at an expensive premium that most people who don't make over six figures can afford on a regular basis which is 100% why our kids now have food allergies. Isn't it? But even if that were the case, I still shop at Staples on weekdays and visit the Apple Store on weekends and the twenty fifth CVS pharmacy is opening up in my neighborhood and they only had to chop down four acres to build it, so f- you Monsanto. Maybe I can just buy a histamine agonist for my kids when we drive by the grocery so they won't flair up when we eat a salad for lunch.

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    Default Re: Sandy Hook Shooting Exposed

    I think you need to settle down.

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    The problem with conspiracy theories is that they are just that.


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    Default Re: Sandy Hook Shooting Exposed

    Interesting. Some things I can see really just being loose connections or something, but some of the points are pretty strong. The creation dates for those pages really are telling. I mean, even the first one, for the little girl. I mean, who thinks "oh, my daughter died. Better make a facebook page about it! The same day she died". Seriously, even in our world now where people seem to be addicted to sharing their woes and problems when they happen, to make a facebook page over such a traumatic incident, would be mind boggling.

    Along with that, the point about the lack of children around the school and the road leading to the school being blocked makes no sense at all either. Specially the road blocking. You have people being killed and/or injured, yet you block the road? Nonsense.

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    There is another one where one of the girls that had met with Obama that supposedly died in the shooting actually turned out to be alive and the father was just milking her "death" as a donation drive for free money. I never found out if that one was true either, but people had interesting dated photographic evidence and press videos to back that one. Oh, that is part of this. Yeah, that Parker video was one of the things I saw before, as was the picture of her with the president a day later. Honestly, this seems a lot more reasonable than I thought it would; the 9/11 conspiracy was full of holes.

    Even if the main parts are all fake, the fact remains that this was spun to be about enforcing gun control. The only part I really care about is that the assault rifle was not in the building when everyone claims it is the weapon he used. I've said it before and I will say it as many times as I need to; if the government REALLY tries to take my guns away, they will not be leaving alive; I won't speak for anyone else on that issue, but I have a feeling that sentiment will get more support than most of you realize. Even the small pushes are starting to annoy people; it's only a matter of time before they hit a glass ceiling, don't realize it, keep going, then end up sorely regretting it.

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    Default Re: Sandy Hook Shooting Exposed




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