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  1. Default Map.wz courrupted each "big" patch! No wz edit!

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    Everytime a new patch comes out, (ie v126 to v127), I have been unable to patch Maplestory, and it's been happening for a while now. The error each time when I try to patch is always Map.wz is corrupted. I did not do any .wz editing to any of my files.

    Yes, I have tried to re-download. Especially annoying when I always have to redownload like 5 times, because four times it would give me an installation error (-40) (<-- Why does this happen too?)

    Installation Error Code

    Windows 7, 64 bit.

    Any help would be appreciated! :)
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  2. Default Re: Map.wz courrupted each "big" patch! No wz edit!

    im having this issue on one of my laptops also ;[ i cant seem to patch or even install a fresh copy.

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    Default Re: Map.wz courrupted each "big" patch! No wz edit!

    I get this problem occasionally too. I just bite the bullet and redownload the game.



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