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  1. Default A bunch of random questions for all of you!

    I'm decked out with questions for all of you, So please help me answer them. ^_^

    1) My Lv. 123 Kaiser is currently using the full Tempestous Set, with 134ATK weapon, and no potential on any of them. Let's say I won't be able to self-Cube any of my equipment with I were to Potential them. I'm thinking about removing some of the equipment, sacrificing the +35ATK bonus, to get some %STR instead. So my question is, How much %STR is equal to 35ATK? (If it's calculable, of course.)

    2) Does %Boss Damage work on monsters in Von Leon's Castle? I mean, they are mini-bosses, right?

    3) What's the recommended range/level to start doing Root Abyss?

    4) What are the top 3 Azwan Abilities I should aim for for my Kaiser?

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    Default Re: A bunch of random questions for all of you!

    it's annoying to calculate really, and depends on whatever other equips you'd use and stuff.


    no clue

    depends on your needs, buff duration, +passive, chance of no cooldown, boss% and +1 mob are the most sought after usually (since you don't need +attkspeed)

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    1) I don't really know all the calculations, sorry.
    2) No it does not
    3) I killed all 4 bosses today at level 131 on my Angelic Buster with a 87k range. I was with a 15x WH though, who hit about 100k per Wild Arrow Blast.
    4) Buff Duration, Boss Damage. As above said, its depends on your needs. (:

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    1. First, find out what percent 34 attack is of your overall attack:
    Add up all your weapon attack on all your gear (including set effect), all your passive skills (including Blessings), and all active skills and potions you usually use.
    Divide 34 by that. Say your overall attack is 200, dividing 34 by that tells you that it's 17% of your attack.

    Assuming you have no %str already (since you say none of your gear has potential), you will need the same %str as the %attack you calculated in the first step. In our example, 17% str.
    If you already have some %str, the calculations get a bit trickier.

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    So basically, I have 290 ATK, including the weapon (if I calculated it correctly, I don't know), so I'd need ~9% STR to get the equivalent of all of that ATK?

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    Default Re: A bunch of random questions for all of you!


    Primary stat/attack ratio to find how much each attack is worth is still a working formula so you should be able to use that same ratio to estimate % str.

    Attack/(primary stat% + 100%) = approximately how much attack each % str is worth. You can reverse them and find out the opposite too. The +100% is for your base strength you already have.

    For your example:

    255 atk / (0 + 100) = = 2.55 attack per % str. That means to make up 35 attack it's approximately 35/2.55 = 13.72% str using your current attack/%str. The more % str you gain the less effective it will be versus attack.

    It's not spot on accurate but it should be a nice way to estimate.



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