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Thread: [In Progress] The Marvel Machine Has Been Updated!

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    Um.. okay. I guess.
    I don't perfectly understand why this needed a new notice. Then again, you added like.. four items?

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    Some day they'll make it cheaper... but not today.

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    I saw two, 1 million maple point winners today sooo that leaves 1 left for the remaining 6 days haha. Good odds people, buy NX today!

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    lol nexon conspiracy theory time!

    At least one of the marvel machine winner announcements seems to be on a timer (fake), maybe quite a few more are fake, there's no way this is a coincidence, as I've seen it happen like 10 times so far.

    Whenever mystic gate is supposed to happen, a few seconds earlier, a marvel machine announcement ALWAYS happens


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    ROFL, we had been talking about this in guild earlier. I guess i had never been paying attention to the marvel notice times till today due to watching for what channel mystic gate to go to. Yeah the Marvel notice is on a 10 minute timer. Well played Nexon, well played indeed. Makes me almost want to try to "time" buying a marvel wheel to coincide with the timer, but I figure its just on a basic timer. Seems they are also announcing many OTHER prizes, i.e Rising sun stuff.

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    It works on two levels. Not only does it entice people to spin Marvelously, the second a Tyrant equip X pops out, you see one if not more SMegas, "Buy Tyrant X!!@@"

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    When you see an announcement in-game, that's someone who won through an actual spin, not someone who won through the raffle. The raffle has 3 winners (which is what I assume you mean), and that is a separate thing than the spins. :P

    Added about 80 items. Most of which are Loveless, Abyss and Empress weapons. :) We always post a new notice when the prize list changes, otherwise it would be unfair, since we did remove about 30 items.

    There is a wait timer, but only to prevent it from spamming you guys. Essentially, once it posts an announcement, it waits a minimum of so many minutes (I am unsure how long), and then the first win after that min. wait period is announced, and so on and so forth. Otherwise, I could see it get very annoying if it was always posting. =/

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    I have been looking for an explanation that makes sense, and this makes sense. Thanks for clearing that up.

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    Hey @Girasol! How does the raffle basically work? I don't get it.

    Do three players get chosen every END of week (which means when the time shown in the "raffle" tab of Marvel Machine is over), and how do they get chosen? Is it an automated system doing it, or are the winning "tickets" chosen manually? How do we know if we won?

    Also, could you please check out the last pages of this thread about a severe issue I'm experiencing with my character? Basically my client is crashing with "Error 38 - Reached end of file" every time I try to log with my character Combattente in Bera. Have your developers been aware of this issue? I've even sent Nexon a crash report through the software which allows players to send one when the game crashes with an unexpected error.

    When will I finally be able to play again? It's been several weeks, and it came right after an issue which was resolved after 2 months and which didn't allow me to play with that character for that long.. :(
    Please help me getting the developer's team attention on this rare issue which hasn't allowed me to play in a very long time..

    Thanks in advance!

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    The winners are automatically chosen, but prizes are manually given, which is why there is a disclaimer that it can take up to a week to distribute.
    Yes. I posted in your thread for the others, but as I said there, I'm really very sorry it's taken so long. Essentially, the problem with your character is unique to it (and the others experiencing it, as opposed to the game-wide population), which makes it difficult to fix. We've actually implemented some fixes for the issue, but as you know, those weren't so successful (though hopefully they helped others!). But they ARE still working on it, I promise, and hopefully we can get it resolved soon.

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    Why add more stuff >.< It is so hard already to get Tyrant, now with more stuff is even harder. I have spinned sooooo much, that I regret it.

    I know it's all based on luck, but really, why not raise the chance to get better stuff instead of throwing more bad stuff on it.

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    I see. Do you receive an e-mail or just see the 1 Million Maple Points chip in the "Coupon Vault" section, in case of winning?

    EDIT: Nevermind, I got my answer on MapleStory's official Twitter.

    Thanks a lot for your help, @Girasol, really. Until now, I really felt like I was forgotten by your company. Nobody answered me on the forums, and I got the usual answers through tickets. You know, if you want to take feedback from a loyal customer like me who has been playing MapleStory and supporting your company for over 6 years, this is mine: your company should really try its best to make sure that people like me have their tickets answered like you did with me here. THESE are the types of answers we - the players - wish to read.

    What was more frustrating than the issue itself was the lack of public acknowledgment from Nexon, which has now happened after several weeks, thanks to you.

    Thanks for listening to me and explaining the issue. An important note to this: the error triggers Nexon's Crash Reporter that asks you to send to I don't know who (I'm guessing Nexon America's or Nexon Korea's developers) the detailed crash report with likely useful information for the developers trying to fix this issue. I sent several of those, so please, try retrieving those crash reports as they might be very useful to you.
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    @Combattente; She only has so much time on her hands dawg.

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    Wait what, we have a Nexon representative doing PR now? And I'm even under the impression that SP used to be banned or something.

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    I realise that.

    But, you know, when you've been stuck for over 3 months, you start hoping it gets fixed soon, and possibly want an update on the matter. I wasn't DEMANDING one, just asking for it. My request could have as well not been heard.

    To the mod/admin deleting my post: there is NO way to bring conversations like this privately, since private messages to Nexon representatives were disabled and there's little to no chance to be heard on their forums.
    Tickets obviously are useless for this matter. I tried enough.
    Note that they finally acknowledged this publicly and opened a thread about the issue on their forums only after I brought this to their attention HERE.

    That same day, around 30 minutes later, they logged into my account and reseted both password and PIC (they did it before for another login issue I was experiencing) for troubleshooting.

    So this is the only way to bring their attention to my (and some others') issue, and have some answers about it. Please provide me with a valid alternative to do that, since you're telling me to carry on this conversation privately, or don't delete my posts.

    I understand that you don't want everyone to start doing this for each and every issue, or it'd be a spamfest. But please make an exception for my case. It's not like a post can do that bad to the forum. This is a bad issue which I've been experiencing since around December, right after another one which affected me since October. Please be more understanding towards me.

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