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  1. Default [JapanMS] Level 176 Hayato Vs. Zakum

    Lagggy, laggy laggy. I got very lucky on this run, with the exception of the lag. Zakum didn't use Super Weapon Defense Up even once. That cut the speed of the run by a ton. The lag, however, messed me up at parts, like when you see me use Yousousen AWAY from Zakum, instead of AT Zakum.

    I'm actually a little sad I was so lucky on this run. Hayato doesn't really shine as much as he can under conditions like this. It doesn't really show his true potential. All it really shows is Yousousen + Sanrenzan and the occasional Issen. It doesn't really give the chance to show off all of the other ways he can mob-control the summons and whatnot. It's great for a speedy kill, however.

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    Default Re: [JapanMS] Level 176 Hayato Vs. Zakum

    making me want hayato more and more

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    Default Re: [JapanMS] Level 176 Hayato Vs. Zakum

    Just wondering, how funded are you Link? All those crits, and that assaulter-like skill (ulti?) make me want to move to JMS ._.
    And what were those green numbers?
    Awesome video by the way!! So glad that it wasn't a speed run. This was an amazing fight!

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    Green Numbers are because Sanrenzan has the ability to do it's own FA in a way. It's something like a 50% chance to do X% damage after the third attack on Sanrenzan's combo. If it activates, you get green numbers so you can tell them from the others.

    As for his funded-ness: I know he's not very funded, but he can be more specific. I don't think he has over 30% STR, but I could be wrong.

  5. Default Re: [JapanMS] Level 176 Hayato Vs. Zakum

    That's a lot of iframes on Hayato's attacks... O_O

  6. Default Re: [JapanMS] Level 176 Hayato Vs. Zakum

    He also has somewhere around an 85% dodge rate and a 20% chance to "counter" attacks (though, countering still makes you take damage, but your MP won't be affected by 1/1).

    As for how funded I am, this is basically my Hayato's setup :


    So... About "average" for someone who has played as long as I have with little to no care, I guess?

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    I like the smooth skill chaining. It's gonna give my DB and Mercedes a run for their money if he ever comes to GMS.

  8. Default Re: [JapanMS] Level 176 Hayato Vs. Zakum

    Screw Kaiser, give me Hayato. Now.



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