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  1. Default Disney Infinity

    Officially revealed/announced today (see Polygon article here):

    Think Skylanders with all the Disney/Pixar magic you love.

    I'm dead. Everything is dead. My wallet is dead.

    This image.


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    Default Re: Disney Infinity

    Ow, my wallet.

  3. Default Re: Disney Infinity

    Skylanders pissed me off as it is. This is just disgusting.

  4. Default Re: Disney Infinity

    I don't enjoy Skylanders, but I love Disney and Pixar. And that little intro was awesome. But the idea of having to buy bonus characters and worlds.

    So confused.

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    Default Re: Disney Infinity

    Playable Violet? ; _ ; I loved that character.

    UGH if they add Aladdin I'm friggin toast.

    Crap crap crap I do not wanna fall for this. But its hitting me in my childhood and it needs to stop.

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    Default Re: Disney Infinity

    First it's Nexon, now it's Activision (AKA their release of Sky Landers) and now this?

  7. Default Re: Disney Infinity

    first one on the list

  8. Default Re: Disney Infinity

    Can someone explain the mechanics of these knd of games?. Is it like, you buy the game and get only x# of characters, but if you buy other toy figures you can scan them and unlock those characters in your game? Thats the idea I got from Skylanders

    And Disney is smart. While in Skylanders the only character thats known is Spiro (I believe), each of these characters is well known and have their own fans. That will call for bigger sales no doubt. For example, If I ever got this game and they released a Mufasa doll, I'd get it inmediately.

  9. Default Re: Disney Infinity

    Got to: "Disney Infinity brings physical toys" before I closed the tab.

    Was Skylanders really that much of a success? I thought people figured out the scam in time...

  10. Default Re: Disney Infinity

    Although I personally hated the IP (but never played it, so I'm just hating here), Skylanders was met with positive reviews.

  11. Default Re: Disney Infinity

    Reviews are not what I meant by "the scam." Just the fact that you need to pay more than a Nexon game to play all of it. Yes, an exaggeration, but my point is clear.

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    Default Re: Disney Infinity

    I'm not sure what am I looking at.
    Never payed attention to Skylanders.

  13. Default Re: Disney Infinity

    Nope. You can change character whenever you want by putting the toy on a platform.

  14. Default Re: Disney Infinity

    My 6 year old son loves Skylanders. It is not half as much of a scam as you'd think because the figures work well as physical toys, and they are not unreasonably priced compared to most action figures. I don't think it is comparable to Capcons DLC scumbag tactics or anything like that. Not to mention that they actually took the time and effort to dub the entire game to swedish, which almost never happens.
    Skylanders Giants is one of the best kids game I've seen in a long time.

    As for this Disney thing? If the characters will stay looking that unrefined and sloppy it will be annoying having to look at TV trailers all the time.

  15. Default Re: Disney Infinity

    I can understand that. I never really thought of it that way to be honest.



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