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  1. Default Root Abyss Boss Mechanics

    These are just things I've observed this morning.

    Von Bon: Time Travel
    If he's standing on a white clock, time travels faster, and the boss timer decreases rapidly.
    If he's standing on a black clock, time travels in reverse, and the timer will increase.
    When his HP gets to around five percent or so, he will start pushing everyone away from him with a tornado skill.
    Also, he has a special mechanic that I thought was pretty neat.

    Rewind: A shadow partner like effect will appear on the map in a place you were standing a few seconds ago from time to time, after a few seconds you will be teleported to it.

    Pierre: Honk
    Red hat: Only blue hats can damage him, red hat wearers heal him.
    Blue hat: Only red hats can damage him, blue hat wearers heal him.
    Purple hat: Everyone can damage him.
    The way you get a hat is by being affected by his hat-drop skill, which you need to spam left/right to survive.
    He will target a member of the party, transform into a fiery tornado, and chase after them. When he hits them, he seals, so bring holy water. The trail of fire left behind him also deals a decent amount of damage.
    Pierre will also teleport around and use an OHKO attack that has a delay before it activates, so if you see the animation where he's kinda' in the background surrounded by black smoke, move away, because he's going to try and backstab you with his umbrella.

    Crimson Queen: Swap
    She has a few different modes.
    One face summons mirrors, which can seduce you. If you hit a mirror while seduced, you die and she's healed.
    One face summons these black puddles on the ground, they slow your attack speed and movement. While standing on one, you get constantly sucked towards the middle.
    One face has this giant red aura around it. (Damage reflect?).

    Vellum: Whack-A-Mole
    Vellum does several things, which make for an interesting fight.
    One involves targeting a player, tunneling underground, moving towards them, and bursting out of the ground, stunning them in the process.
    If you stand still for too long, he targets you. His stun is often combo'd with him blasting a massive fireball out of his mouth, which is an OHKO.
    Watch out on the ground for the golden circles, they're where he'll pop out of next.
    If you see a giant gold circle on the ground, get out of it as fast as you can, because that's one of his instakill skills, where he jumps out of the ground on one side, and tunnels back under on the other.
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  2. Default Re: Root Abyss Boss Mechanics

    i believe pierre loses his PDR rate when he's spinning.. i noticed i did regular damage as if i was at BGA.
    or was this because of my red hat? (he locks on to someone as blue)

    von bon was easy enough since puppet could partially focus his movement

  3. Default Re: Root Abyss Boss Mechanics

    With that gameplay, I think HoNk does describe it perfectly.

    Please tell me he Honks around too.

  4. Default Re: Root Abyss Boss Mechanics

    When Crimson Queen is in blue form, she seems to use DR every now and then, covered by a giant red barrier. I think half or most of the time she gives you the notice "Feel my Pain!" but not all the time since I still see it appear every now and then. From watching crimson queen her breath attack when she goes dark does 50,000 damage.

    Most of these bosses don't "OHKO," they actually do a set damage. I don't remember exact figure numbers for each boss but highest number of damage I recalled was 18k and 50k. I tested Von Beon and when he jump up and slams the ground he seems to do 24xxx damage to my DS for some reason though (my ds had 27k hp mind you). I'm not sure if thats a % hp type attack or not, didn't test enough since I killed him too fast on my thieves. The damage doesn't include bump damage by the way.

  5. Default Re: Root Abyss Boss Mechanics

    I don't know what's wrong, but I can't go into Von Bellum's room.

    I have both, "Defeat the First Seal Guardian" and "World Tree Guardian" quests active yet when I tried with strangers that had the same, they were only able to get in when I left the party.

  6. Default Re: Root Abyss Boss Mechanics

    You don't need to have the quest to kill the boss to go fight the boss. I missed one of the bosses on my mule that i use to get in and i could do the bosses after that fine.

  7. Default Re: Root Abyss Boss Mechanics

    Crimson Queen and Vellum seem to suffer the "Spawn Lag" bullshet. When I fought Crimson Queen, I kept lagging uber hard like multiple monsters were being summoned.

  8. Default Re: Root Abyss Boss Mechanics

    The problem is that it just would not let my party in period, until I left the party.

    Beyond frustrating for them and myself.

  9. Default Re: Root Abyss Boss Mechanics

    did you have a key?
    did you already beat that boss today?

  10. Default Re: Root Abyss Boss Mechanics

    Yes I had the key, and no I did not defeat the boss.

    I'm going to try and see if I can do it on another character.

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    Default Re: Root Abyss Boss Mechanics

    Did the other party members have keys and didn't beat them?

  12. Default Re: Root Abyss Boss Mechanics

    Everyone had keys and no one beat the boss yet.

    They were able to go in when I left.

  13. Default Re: Root Abyss Boss Mechanics

    Updated with what I saw in the vellum fight.

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    Default Re: Root Abyss Boss Mechanics

    I learned something important: Always stay on vellum's backside and you should be A-OK.

  15. Default Re: Root Abyss Boss Mechanics

    Adding on to what pink bean said, I was doing "double" or rather, regular damage on Pierre at some point in the fight after he had assigned hats. So I'm not sure what caused it, but he lost his physical resist somehow.

  16. Default Re: Root Abyss Boss Mechanics

    Confirms most of the observations which I/we made when the CMST videos were out; extractions added a further level of detail.


  17. Default Re: Root Abyss Boss Mechanics

    It's when he has the red hat. Purple is everyone attacks and his attacks do super KB, red is red attacks and his attacks don't really do anything. (as in, he doesn't super KB)

    Unrelated: Summons can be a bad thing to have out at pierre so i have to not use them or reset them away from him which is hard because he moves and i can't do anything about it.
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  18. Default Re: Root Abyss Boss Mechanics

    If you're in Dark Sight right before when Von uses his tornado attack he'll just that there, frozen, until you get out of DS.

  19. Default Re: Root Abyss Boss Mechanics

    i like these new bosses.
    quite unique

  20. Default Re: Root Abyss Boss Mechanics


    Gold circles indicate where he pops out of; if you get hit while he's coming out it KBs you and momentarily "stuns" you (aftereffects of SuperKB, not really a "stun", per se).
    Dark Red/Black circles indicate falling rocks which do no damage but stun you.
    Giant Gold circle indicates the area of an instant kill.
    Green circles indicate where he'll drop poison.

    How he works:
    He just starts by popping up and down, really annoying cause you can't do a lot at this stage. If you can get DoT on him, it reveals where he is (numbers keep ticking while he's underground).

    You'll notice more of him comes out of the ground after a while; when he towers over you (like 6+sections of his body are visible vs the 2-3 you normally see) it means that the next time he pops up he'll spit fireballs. Fireballs OHKO and he spits 3 and goes back underground. You can dodge them by standing right on him or behind him (he only shoots in one direction). This is the primary way to get damage on him, I think, cause he stays above ground for a good ~15 seconds during his fireball cast time.

    After he hits 40% HP or so he'll start the giant gold circles of death (could be earlier, maybe 50%?). Just stay away from these, you can't hit him while he's jumping.
    My friend died 5 times at this point so it took me a while longer to kill him, which let me see:

    Green circles start popping up afterward, I didn't get a read of his HP bar because I was trying not to die. This happens probably around the 30% mark, he'll drop green lightning bolts that leave a poison-mist type cloud on the ground that damages you ever second. Not a huge deal in Normal, idk about Chaos, they might do way more damage. During his green lightning bit he stays above ground longer than normal, so this is another time to land some damage on him.



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